11 year old divorced family wandering father what he wants to do (video) remonstrate

Divorced family 11 year old boy wandering father: why would he want to do in September 19, 2016, Sichuan City, Pengzhou province (micro-blog) city of Fengzhen, volunteers for the small to build a folding bed. Residents: helping to feed and clothe help, but it is difficult to change the habits of the procuratorial organs: parents not guardianship obligations, not suspected of the crime of abandonment of juvenile home: "divorce", "lack of discipline", "petty"…… Many residents in Fengzhen are able to come up with a list of key words to describe the 11 year old boy. My father does not want to ask him: "so much for my gas, I also hate, I don’t need to ask him." Prosecutors involved: to the public security organs have Takatoyo written letter, asked the public security organs involved in the investigation, according to the facts, to reprimand, warning, administrative detention and other penalties for the guardian, and even criminal responsibility. The next night, Pengzhou long Fengzhen, 11 year old Xiao Yu (a pseudonym) through the restaurant, fruit stalls, coming into a guard room, paralyzed self-assured or supercilious sat on a chair, deftly took out a lighter, a cigarette on, take a deep breath, a smoke ring out casually. "Come, the whole one," he took out from the box a to guard, the action is continuous and skilled. "If you hear something like dolls," replied the guard. After the divorce of parents, from the beginning of October last year, Xiao Yu will wander around. During the day, he removed from the street; at night, sleep in the cafe or even on the streets. Nearby residents have tried to give him help, give him food to eat, buy clothes for him, but this kind of material help, the young man with little success. Long wandering life let him with many bad habits, he removed society "farther down the road. Currently, Chengdu, Pengzhou and other social forces and public cloud has been involved in the implementation of the procuratorate, the implementation of the rescue of the small Yu, while the responsibility of the parents of xiaoyu. Residents try to help: sometimes who is good, he sat in the past to eat small wandering life began in October last year. Over the past year, there is no fixed residence. At night, he often sleeps in the street under the eaves, and sometimes to the Internet cafe overnight. Parents divorce, lack of discipline, petty thief"…… Many residents in Fengzhen are able to come up with a list of key words to describe the 11 year old boy. Xiao Yu’s home is actually connected with the town high Huang Cun, during this period, he also worked in the village resettlement area of the box slept. Liu Qiao is a resettlement area including, speaking of Xiaoyu, from time to time he shook his head, "two months ago, he stole other one thousand yuan a mobile phone in the restaurant, when people see me acquainted with him, looking for my help." Liu Qiao recalls, when the price of only a few dozen yuan Yu will sell the phone. "The hungry will come to my side around, do not pay attention to will shun a few bottles of water and bread." Pangge opened a "Post shop" in the resettlement area at the entrance of the road, to visit the small Yu often let him suffer, "you say this is not, nor fight." A year ago, the high imperial village director Yang Xiaoyu has given a lot of attention, Xiao Yu has been called "Yang Bo", even in the small Yu heart, "Yang Bo" is his idol, "I feel good to others, do. injury相关的主题文章: