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Self-Improvement There are a number of activities you can do to increase your comprehension while working on building your Speed and Comprehension. This article will cover three of them in the following paragraphs. Speed and Comprehension: Improving Your Vocabulary One activity for improving your ability to comprehend what you’re reading is to expand upon your vocabulary in the subject you’ve chosen to read about. You can do this by IMMEDIATELY looking up any word you don’t know the definition for while reading, and then putting that word’s definition to memory using a funny visual mnemonic. As an example of this I learned the word Cnidarian (the scientific name for a jellyfish) by imagining a jellyfish on my cousin Darian’s head. Also you can find vocabulary flashcards online, generally for free, for just about any subject you can think of, these can be used to help increase your vocabulary thereby improving your comprehension. Beyond all that, the simplest thing might be to just read the dictionary. Speed and Comprehension: Stop Skimming When you are skimming, you’re just scanning over the text you’re reading and hoping you retain some of it, it isn’t a good way to improve your speed and comprehension. For you to improve your comprehension by stopping skimming, you just need to slow it down, read each word, you can even try to picture it in your head as you read, kind of like watching a movie behind your eyes. Speed and Comprehension: How to Change Your Brainwave Pattern Your brain operates in states of physiological arousal called brainwave states, changing them is an important activity to boosting speed and comprehension. Normally our waking minds are in Beta state, going over our current line of thought, being neurotic about what we’re planning for dinner or what is weighing heavily on our minds. For many parts of your life this is wonderful, but not when you are trying to understand something you are reading. In order to really boost your reading comprehension, you need to get your brain into an Alpha brainwave state. You can get your brain to the alpha state by sitting calmly, with your eyes closed, taking in slow and deep breaths. Saying a sound like "oooooohmmmm" is what many eastern monks use as their mantra to reach the alpha state. After reaching a light trance is the time to start to your reading. While in this state, studies have shown that you can triple your reading speed and your comprehension. If you have difficulty reaching an alpha state by meditating you can make use of an EEG machine that records your brainwaves and lets you know when you have reached an Alpha state. Further, you can get a trans-dermal electro-brain stimulation device that clips to each ear and uses very weak electrical signals to trick your brain into the alpha state. Finally using stereo headphones, hooked up to Cd’s or mp3’s that are playing tracks that have binaural beats recorded on them can trick your brain into the Alpha state you need to be into improve your comprehension. Give these ideas a try and watch how much improved your comprehension is! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: