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The most important thing to remember if you want to succeed is to develop good relationships. Take some time to let people know you care. The best phrase I ever heard was, "People don’t care what you know, till they know you care". How true that is! I will give you 5 good reasons why and how you should be developing good relationships. 1. Offer to teach your downline. Create a few lessons pertaining to your business and personally guide your affiliate through them. I use Yahoo IM to teach my students. It is more personal than e-mail, and much quicker. Your students will begin to trust you as you are building this relationship with them. Any further business recommendations you make will be seriously considered. So in the end it could be more profitable to you, and more educational for them. 2. When your students feel you care, they will desire to learn more, and to work harder for you. They will stay encouraged and focused on their goals. They will earn more. Once they begin earning more they will probably have developed a testimony that they will gladly share with you. This will give you a good reputation, and may help get you more sales. 3. Most recruits won’t consider recommending products or services to their family or friends. They would have to wholeheartedly believe in the program first. If they have been developing a good relationship with you, they are going to develop a confidence that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. They will feel completely comfortable recommending to their family and friends. 4. You should always look for ways to learn from you fellow business men. You may be strong in one aspect and weak in another. Finding someone who is weak in your stong area, and stong in your weak area is like hitting the jackpot. You can make a joint venture (agree to work together), get more done, and in turn earn more money. 5. Developing good relationships feels good. It is an encouragement to all involoved. You are encouraged to see your student grow, and you student is encouraged that they can succeed in the business. It is also fun. I enjoy learning about others, and especially hearing stories from those who are working from home in other countries. What is neater than learing about other cultures. It is a win/win situation. So whatever business you’re in, give some time to develop good relationships. You will see a big difference in your attitude, and in your wallet! About the Author: Alicia Bodine, a work from home specialist, is a stay at home mom and website owner. She has compiled a work at home directory full of online business opportunities that are legitimate and profitable. To get more information about home based businesses visit . Alicia also works part time teaching others how to get their own website setup free. Get your own internet business now. Everything you need to make money online is here: . Article Published On: – Relationships 相关的主题文章: