Economic Trade In Harlingen, Tx 成都人才安居细则 重庆商场发生火灾

Finance Harlingen, TX has long been named "The Gateway to the Americas." It is located in the centralized head of the Rio Grande Valley and happens to be the third largest city in the Rio Grande Valley. Because of its prime location, the economics in Harlingen have always been successful and there is plenty of room for international and local business opportunities. Cameron County, which is where Harlingen in located, happens to be one of the largest distribution, shipping and industrial centers in the United States because of its central location. During World War II, the military created the Harlingen Army Air Field, which created an enormous increase in their population at the time. However, after the base closed, the population dropped dramatically as well. Today, Harlingen’s population has grown substantially and is home to a large amount of independent enterprises that take advantage of its central location. International trade and businesses choose Harlingen because of the Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios. This international trade bridge encompasses a full U.S. Customs inspection facility that can harbor up to 75 loads of trucks at the same time. The trade bridge utilizes a four-lane highway that is connected directly to northern Mexico, making it a fast and efficient trade route for those who use it. Harlingen is also home to the Port of Harlingen which is located along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. This waterway stretches from the Mexican border at Brownsville all the way to St. Marks in Florida. This waterway not only allows excellent and protected access for international trade, but also for any trade along the Gulf of Mexico. If ground transportation is what you are looking for, Harlingen has a terminal and switching yard for the Union Pacific Railroad with direct rail access through the Harlingen Industrial Parks and Port of Harlingen. This direct and easy access makes ground transpiration simpler than anything. Major six-lane divided highways such as U.S. Highway 77 and U.S. Highways 83 all go through Harlingen, making it easy for truck drivers to use when picking up and dropping off shipments. Now that land and waterways are covered, air transportation is the next thing to cover. Harlingen’s airport is called Valley International Airport (HRL) and covers all those residing in the lower Rio Grande Valley as well as northern Mexico. This international airport is the largest in its area and offers a unique border-crossing option with the Free Trade Bridge. Once again, because of its perfect location for trade, the airport works very closely with mail-carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx, BAX Global, Continental Express Cargo, and Southwest Airlines Cargo. Many of the cargo airlines offer daily roundtrip access and some of them make up to 4 round trips in one 24-hour period. This type of service guarantees that your trade will get to its destination on time and frequently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: