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Travel-and-Leisure Beach Fun with Costa Rica Vacations There is no better summer escapade than spending it in a place that abounds with stunning beaches. Go on Costa Rica vacations, and experience heaven on earth in some of the countrys most beautiful beaches like Playa Negra, where the beach is the closest thing to heaven and where your city life will soon be forgotten as you feast your eyes on the clear blue waters. There is a charming beach house for rent in the area, which is known as the Surfers Dream Beach House which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms where you could stay as you enjoy your summer getaway in the beautiful Playa Negra Beach. True to its name, this beach house is everything a surfer has ever wanted in a home it is minutes away from the inviting waves, and one can wake up to the oceans summer breeze. Tourists who do not surf amuse themselves by swimming, sightseeing and even fishing. In the afternoon, people sit on the sandy coasts to unwind and to watch the romantic sunsets. Start your fun summer getaway with your Costa Rica vacation in this wonderful place of Playa Negra. Awesome Deals on Costa Rica Vacations Get the most out of your Costa Rica vacations by planning your trip way before you step into the heavenly oasis and check out various amazing deals on tours and holiday packages. Be sure to list Arenal in your itinerary, as this adventure haven will give you the thrill you have always wanted in activities like bungee jumping and white water rafting, and will help you relax in the calming hot springs made therapeutic and invigorating by the Arenal volcano. Experience heaven on earth at Playa Samara, one of the countrys best scenic locations, and get your family to enjoy the sandy shores and the inviting waves of this magnificent beach. Playa Samara happens to be in a horseshoe-shaped cove, so it will be pleasurably easy to tour by foot. Traveling to Manzanillo, on the other hand, would make a lovely choice if you would like to get to know the Southern part of the Caribbean. This town is bursting with life and colors, and filled with warm, hospitable natives to get to know and appreciate. Discover Delectable Cuisine at Costa Rica Vacations Have the most out of your Costa Rica vacations as you sink your teeth in the countrys many simple and easy-to-prepare yet enticing and delectable food and dishes. One of the most popular dishes in the area is the El Casado, which means married, and is the most commonly packed lunch of Costa Rica wives for their working husbands during the earlier years. The major ingredients in the food in Costa Rica are typically grains such as rice, beans and chickpeas. Tourists make it a point to visit the many Costa Rican restaurants in the place which serve flavourful, heart-warming and needless to say filling cuisines that linger in the palate, reminding one of their great vacations. Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Multicentro Paco, and Escazu are all recommended great places to find restaurants that prepare the most sumptuous Costa Rican cuisine. It is also in these places that you can find international restaurants that serve Argentinean, Italian and Caribbean foods to give you that diversity of flavors. Make the most out of your Costa Rica vacations and discover foods that are out of this world. Costa Rica Vacations: Discover the Countrys Marvels The best way to have wonderful Costa Rica vacations would be to discover the marvels of the country. In fact, the country is proud to have seven wonders as determined and voted upon by the people of Costa Rica themselves. To ease your curiosity, here are some facts on the countrys seven wonders. For those who love water adventures, you would surely enjoy the Cocos Island, which is perfect for scuba diving, and Rio Celeste, which is a breathtaking river where the color of the water changes from clear white when its in the waterfall to real charming blue as the water flows in the entire river. The apt place for those who like adventures is the Arenal Volcano and Poas Volcano. The Arenal Volcano has nearby resorts that get you the chance to relish natural hot springs, and the Poas Volcano is the worlds largest volcanic crater. Complete your Costa Rica vacations by visiting some or all of these seven wonders of the country. People who love to discover natural gifts can explore the Tortuguero Park, Cerro Chirripo and Monteverde. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: