What To Consider When Buying An Lcd Tv 北京雄安首开动车

Computers-and-Technology Of the known TV manufacturers, all of them are into making of LCD TVs. Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Onida et al you name them and they have a variety of them in the showrooms. And to make a choice out of these is not so easy. To make it easier you need to know a few things prior to visiting the store, like cost, your room size etc. You must also know some of the characteristics you want your TV to have. Knowledge about some of the features will help you in buying a LCD TV. The first feature you should consider is the Screen size. You should decide the screen size of LCD based on the distance and area accessible. In order to have a good screening experience, you should retain correct distance between television screen and the screening area. It is considered that when you view huge display from close distance the images appear to be pixilated or grainy, where you are likely to suffer from strained eyes. An LCD display of 32-37inches can be watched from six to eight ft. Similarly, 20-27-inches and 42-46-inches can be watched from 2 to 5 ft and 10 to 14 ft respectively. Next thing you need to consider is the Resolution. It will help you know that how sharp or how good the picture quality is going to be. You would get finer picture quality when you have good resolution. A standard LCD TV provides you smallest pixel resolution of 1280×720 and big screen televisions provide you a resolution of 1920×1080 provided you are ready to pay a high amount. The next significant thing to consider is your budget vis–vis the price. It depends a lot on the size of the LCD TV and the features it incorporates. A bigger LCD TV with extra features means a high price. The cheapest one will be available at $500 and the most expensive one will be worth $10,000. Sometimes the prices are dependent on the brand you opt for. If you opt for one from Bravia series from Sony, you will have to shell out a lot of money depending on the features. Similarly, the Scarlet series from LG costs relatively higher than the other brands. Consider other features such as contrast ratio, connectors and motion response time. These will give you further options for your purchase. Use this little guide to now to help you make your mind up if you are looking for a great LCD TV. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: