What To Look For In A Data Center 报警5000次被拘 台湾渔船遭抢劫

Computers-and-Technology IT enterprises are often left wondering on how to evaluate a data center. They worry about what parameters should be used to gauge the effectiveness and efficacy of a data center management service provider. Here is a ready check list that can certainly prove useful for enterprises that are looking for that all-encompassing requirements parameter list that can help them chose a competent and optimal data center. Data center services are opted by different enterprises for their obvious benefits of providing maximum security and ensuring low risks to stored data and information. Therefore firstly enterprises need to ascertain whether their data center service vendor have the necessary security and risk mitigating plan in place and if that plan has been firmly implemented. Data protection is the key; therefore such service providers should necessarily be able to offer best protection and security even against natural disasters. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods are always seen as a threat and are very unpredictable therefore it is imperative that service vendors ensure that the data center is equipped and capable of recovery even un case of data loss owing to natural events. Enterprises will do well to also observe if the data center has adequate security personnel deployed on a 24/7 basis to ensure best protection. Secondly the security of server racks is also of paramount importance, vendors should ideally install biometric scanners to ensure that only authorized personnel can access data. Thirdly the service vendor should have a rock solid disaster recovery plan in place. Also other crucial aspects such as availability of cooling systems and assured connectivity should also be checked. Such service providers should also ensure that they have backup power strategies in case of a power failure that can assure enterprises of zero data loss and eliminates connectivity problems. This means that even in high traffic over a longer period of time, connectivity must not be hindered and should assuredly function optimally under all circumstances.Another important aspect is the availability of fire control and suppression systems. Enterprises should look at the infrastructure that the data center is offering. Things like optimized communications and transportation infrastructure should necessarily be looked into. Additionally enterprises should also check if the personnel at the data center are well trained, knowledgeable enough to tackle complicated technical issues and problems. A data center comes with many benefits for any enterprise, but before opting for one, enterprises must necessarily carry out background checks and ascertain if the one they are choosing does meet their industry specific requirements or not. Heres hoping this checklist is of some assistance to all such enterprises on their quest to look for that perfect data center. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: