. Our purpose for existing is to be the source of income for lawyers and judges. We the taxpayer pay for everything courthouses 盗窃顺走女婴扔下 冒充韩国艺人骗钱

Legal The County District Attorneys are in a contest to see how many convictions they can total per year. Some 20 percent of young defendants are convicted by plea bargains offered after they have spent 6 months in the county jail or more waiting for a trial. This will also cut down on the jail population both in County Jail and State Correction Jails. The public cant defend themselves from the system that relies on a homeowner trying to implement State Laws and the CCIOA Act to protect himself in County or District Court. Judge Judges control the income of lawyers and it can be vicious. Judges award the winner as who he likes over the other lawyer in the trial. Judges are not protected from criticism by the public. Judges can not serve as Officer of the County Bar Association. Judges don’t care about Ethics; they have to protect their fellow lawyers against the public. A Civil judge cant rule on a felony in his court. That means the judge and lawyers have a dirty secret you can lie in Civil Court and nothing will happen. In Colorado a Judge can be prejudice in his court and in his court decisions. There is no law against prejudice judges in Colorado courts. In Colorado if you believe the judge is prejudice you have to file with that judge to recuse himself. Of course the Judge being charged will not recuse himself and God Help the lawyer who filed the charges. Lawyers will not recuse a judge for fear he will be black balled by all judges and lose his income. That judge will spread the word and that lawyer will never win a case in any Colorado courts. Justice exists so long as the client doesnt require his lawyer to over come a prejudice Judge. This fact proves in Colorado law a defendant or plaintiff will never be represented by a lawyer beyond challenging a prejudice judge or one that needs to be recused. Lawyers and judges are a higher level citizen than we the peasants (public). Our purpose for existing is to be the source of income for lawyers and judges. We the taxpayer pay for everything courthouses, judges salary and pensions, court costs and lawyers exorbitant legal fees. What this really means is justice is blunted by a lawyer being restricted from making demands of a judge or an apposing lawyer in a court trial. Further this means a litigate in court will not get justice if any action on the part of a lawyer would be considered intrusive to the judges powers. Judges have immunity from being sued for their rulings in court and thus they believe they are untouchable and immune from criticism by anyone in their State. That includes criticism from one judge to another. So when a judge feels he has been criticized he becomes extremely angry and will strike out at anyone who inferred he was wrong or his decision was not fair or outside of the law. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: