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Internet-and-Business-Online Firstly, building any network marketing business takes time. Especially when it’s online. The internet takes time to process your information, so your own personal network marketing brand won’t appear until you’re a few months in. Here are three important tips that will help you on your way to network marketing success. 1) Choose your product and company wisely – Don’t just jump into a company after being wooed by some good testimonials. Do some background research and find out if their product is relevant to the market and in demand. If no one wants your product, you’ve got no hope of prospecting any MLM leads. But also make sure you can earn a decent commission. You’re in this to make money after all. 2) Focus on free advertising – At first you want to build your personal brand. So sign up to the social network marketing sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. You then want to give value to the marketplace by giving out free useful information in the form of articles and videos. I will focus on these methods for the first 3 months and really master them before using paid advertising. 3) Be a "go to" guy – Make yourself into someone that people go to for help by being a leader. This is when you can turn those people into leads and sales. Being a leader isn’t easy but there are ways of learning (I recommend Magnetic Sponsoring, a book by Mike Dillard). Don’t be afraid of connecting with people and even chatting to them over the phone. With a new product or opportunity that I market, I usually spend about 3 months taking massive action. So I’ll write loads of article and film a video for each article I write. You really won’t see any rewards from all this work for quite a while. Just try not to be overwhelmed by it all. Doing videos and writing articles will be very strange at first. But the more you do the more confident you become. Don’t get it perfect, just get get it started. Remember, this takes time. So when you hit the wall (which you will) after about 4 weeks, just believe in what you’re doing and keep pushing. It’s the ones who keep at it for 6 months to a year that see the real success in their network marketing business. Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Albert Stewart About the Author: 相关的主题文章: