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Writing-and-Speaking There are hundreds of different SEO companies outside in the world. But how to choose a good SEO company and what’s the difference between good and bad companies? And how to protect from SEO fraud? Many and quite important questions for a webmaster. This article will help you to differ good and bad SEO companies. First of all take a look of the work. A good SEO company is always checking your website first. After these first step they can calculate what they have to do and what the can do and this will result in price. If you get a flat price for a search engine optimization this is always strange. "A good way to calculate a price is first to analyze the webmasters homepage and ask for the webmasters marketing budget. Based on these two basics it’s possible to calculate a personal price with the best necesseary individual strategy mix for the customer." explains Christian Dirks CEO at Suchmaschinenoptimierung Schweiz. If a SEO company works in that way this is always a first step to the good way. You should never use linkbuilder services like "we create 100.000 links to your website". These services nearly always are made with SPAM technologies. These automatically created links are not only completly worthless, they are also a risk for your website indexing. When the searchengine detects a linkspaming technology it’s possible that they remove your URL completly from the index. That’s why you should always use white hat SEO and never black hat SEO. Black hat and linkbuildings are quite often the same and simple SPAM. You can also blow your money out of the open window. It will have the same effect. Note: A good SEO consulter get’s about 150 EURs per hour. To push a website you have to work about 4 – 8 hours per week. So it’s a simple calculation: 150 x 6 = 900 EUR per week. Based on a monthly fee this is 4 weeks per month -> 900 x 4 = 3200 EUR monthly. So if anybody offers SEO services for less than 2500 EUR per month he is not working manually and he will use some SEO software or SEO tools which can result in bad ranking in case of penalties. So remember: The first indicator for a good SEO company is the way to work and no flat pricing. The second indicator is the price: Services for less than 2500 EUR per month will use automatic tools and will not do manual SEO. Rember these two indicators to differ a good SEO company from a bad SEO company. Additional simply check the reference: for who did they work, how old is the company, when was it founded, do they have a real office with phone, fax and real office rooms? Is it possible to visit them? If all these questions can be answered in a positive way it looks quite good, that you have choosen a good SEO company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: