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Ecommerce If you have found that all of your efforts to bring visitors and sales to your website have failed, there are some steps you can take to improve things sometimes dramatically. In your efforts to make your website fantastic and appealing to your visitors, has it become too flashy? Are there too many distracting aspects of your website? Are you missing some important components? If so, here are some helpful tips to increase your website’s sales. Simple Does It One thing you want to remember when designing any business-related website is to make it simple. Your visitors want and expect a website that is easy to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for. The more complex a website is, the less likely your visitors are to start buying. Can Your Visitors Reach You? If you do not list your contact information, you are basically telling your customers to not bother buying from you. It is important to be sure that you list all of your contact information. This includes your telephone number, address, email address, and even your fax number. Your visitors want to make sure that they are able to contact you if there is a problem with their order, and essentially want to make sure that you are indeed a real business. Post Shipping Costs Make sure that your shipping costs are disclosed upfront and are readily available. Your checkout page should include your shipping costs and you should also provide a separate shipping page that displays not only the costs, but your policies as well. Your Policies Are Important When writing your policies, make sure that they are easy to understand and very simple. You do not need to use a lot of big and legal words to get your point across. In fact, the more simple you make your terms of service and other policies, the easier they are to understand and the more likely your customers are to trust you. If You Offer a Guarantee, Post It Your customer wants to know about your guarantees. Generally these should be displayed right on the home page of your website and throughout as well. A guarantee tells your customers that you back your products and are willing to say so. How Do You Accept Payment? Accepting multiple forms of payment is always a great thing. Many users do not have credit cards or do not trust using one on the internet, and who can really blame them? This is why you should offer a wide variety of different payment options. This might include not only credit cards, but debit cards, electronic checks, money order, checks, and even Pay Pal or the like. The more ways to pay you offer, the more likely the prospective buyer will be able to pay. Sales and Incentives Pay Off If you are lacking in sales, you want to offer your potential customers a reason to buy. For example, offer incentives. Buy one get one free, free shipping, discounts, and specials go a long way in enticing customers to buy. If they get something extra out of their purchase, they are much more likely to start buying. Remember, visitors to your website are looking for you to give them an enjoyable shopping experience. This includes being open about your contact information, guarantees, incentives and the different ways they can make a purchase. They wouldn’t visit your website if they didn’t already have some intention to buy. Give them the proper experience and you will see your revenues rise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: