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Careers-Employment Bilingual employment services are there in order to be able to help individuals who are searching for jobs with specific skill sets and be able to speak a language that they can speak fluently. These bilingual recruiters will help these job seekers look for the right employer as well as protect both parties from fraud. Bilingual recruitment back then was not really common because most people in search for careers would look only within their locality but today where globalization is happening, bilingual recruitment agencies have come in really useful because more and more parts of the world are no longer hesitant to include different races in their growing company. Basically, for bilingual individuals they might think that job opportunities for people like them who can speak a language or two is narrow but the truth is, aside from their specific skill set, being able to speak a foreign is also an advantage. In fact, there are specific careers that are in need of these people. Education Many parts of the world are in search for teachers who are bilingual. Often times, educational institutions most especially large universities hire an individual who has a degree in teaching and is able to speak their local language but is also fluent in English (often times) and their local language (example: French, Japanese, etc.). These universities find that hiring a teacher who speaks the language they will be teaching as their mother tongue are more effective in teaching the language to the students because these teachers are also able to show a part of their culture and their country with the experience they have making it a more realistic and effective learning process. These teachers are also hired part-time to become tutors of those individuals who wants to learn a language but do not necessarily want to enroll themselves in a formal course. Corporate World Globalization has paved ways to many businessmen and company owners to expand their horizons in the corporate industry by tying up with foreign corporations helping each other boost each of their countrys economy and open doors for jobs to thousands of individuals and this includes people who are bilingual. Bilingual individuals are needed in the corporate industry and are given various positions in a company starting from entry level up to the higher administrative positions. Often times, secretarial positions are more in favor of those who can speak various languages because they are the front-liners of executives and people with high positions in a company who are often in-charge handling business meetings, closing transactions and making deals with other companies that happen to be from a foreign state. These secretaries become interpreters that help out in having smooth communication between the company and the client. Tourism Countries that have slowly opened their doors in the tourism industry are also in dire need of bilingual employees. These people become really useful in conducting tours for their visitors. But even in hotel and restaurant management, being able to speak several languages gives you an edge given the fact that you will be faced with diverse nationalities and you will never know when the need arises for speaking another language. These are just a few of the many jobs for bilingual individuals. So if you have what it takes, then its about time you ventured in boosting your career with that skill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: