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UnCategorized If you’ve been working on the internet for any amount of time, you know that many people feel that, of all their internet marketing tools, their blog is one of their most useful. Just why a blog is so useful and important though, is something that is debated a bit, depending on the point of view of the blog owner. Most people recognize that although social media is growing in its importance, the majority of the traffic that goes to sites online is still coming through the search engines. Some of this is through PPC, of course, but the majority of it through natural search. The question then becomes about what sort of role a blog can play in SEO. The answer to this is a pretty big one. A lot of people have made the mistake of dismissing a blog as an SEO tool and considering it simply a social tool. The truth is though, that especially as time goes on and Google continues to refine their algorithms, a blog is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for SEO purposes. First of all, content is king. We know this to be true both in terms of SEO and social media traffic. With a blog, you get that great double punch with your content. You can create reams of content easily with a blog. Over time, all of those posts are going to be indexed in Google. You can actually work on optimizing individual posts to rank well in search engines, and to increase the overall rankings for your site for your target keywords. In addition, blogs tend to do well in return traffic which can help increase your sites trust. Besides all that, you’ll have the great social aspect to your blog which is great for increasing your business profile. There is another overlooked role that the blog plays in SEO, and this one is extremely important. This is the likelihood that someone will link back to your blog. Other bloggers love to provide links to blogs that they feel have interesting or relevant posts that will intriguing their readers. If you can continually put out high quality content which is entertaining or informative, it will result in other bloggers and social networkers posting links to your blog. Those links are absolutely invaluable in terms of how they can boost the SEO profile of your site. Focus on the great content and the links, and the rankings, will come with it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: