A duet 疯狂盗卖游戏装备 山东现天价蛐蛐

Arts-and-Entertainment A week ago, my friend Michael called me to come listen to some awesocool songs. I had no idea what his awesocool meant, but since he works in the entertainment world, I decided that if a song required such a word then I should go check it out. We often enjoy sitting down and listening to great new songs ahead of their official release and I was looking forward to whatever "awesocool" songs he had in store for me. When I arrived I was surprised to discover that there were no new songs. The play-list he gave me was almost identical to my favorite one. (Even though Id love to listen to new songs, I still have a list of my-ever-lasting songs which I always listen to when I want relaxation). Youll find they are new, chuckled Michael, have a listen. The songs were the same as I remembered them, no fancy remixes or techno beats, but the singer was different. I was perplexed. Who is singing? Is this a new cover version? Did you record this? I said not trying to hide my confusion. Michael just stood there beaming like a Cheshire cat. The new voice is good, isnt it? I had to agree, this new "mystery" vocal was really good, and then all of a sudden, there was a new equally interesting one. Two singers? A duet? It sounded as if one great singer had instantly changed into another equally talented one. Who were they? There were no gaps between the different voices. By this stage Michael was just about bursting with satisfaction, There are no new singers here! I just changed the vocals of the original song a bit with this software. he said. He showed me the little icon hidden on the computer’s system tray. Its simple. With this program I simply change the voice while it plays and add a few effects. It’s brilliant! Ive been using it to edit my clips lately. That was a week ago. Now, it is I who has the software and Im still discovering ways to use all of its fun features. If you want to find a program that easily makes new versions of your favorite songs, I highly recommend giving it a go. Visit for more information, the software’s name is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. It’s a LOT of fun, easy to use and incredibly powerful. Check it out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: