but it is true. Bart Simpson 深圳地铁慌乱事件

Movies-TV What would happen if you had a son like Bart, a kid who has a don’t-care kind of attitude and sticks to his ideologies? If your son becomes like Bart, there is no chance that you are going to be like Homer Simpson. You won’t literally choke him or at least provoke him to do some mischievous things. Seriously, your life is going to be like hell. You can have your neighbors constantly at your doorsteps erupting in anger like molten lava because of the hooliganism done by your son. Sometimes you can have the cops and Department of Children Service criticizing you and fining you for allowing a dangerous person on the street. This may sound awkward and funny, but it is true. Bart Simpson, the fictional character of the animated cartoon The Simpsons has always been on the receiving end of our opinion. If you have watched or are an ardent fan of this sitcom that is shown on the Fox Network channel of your TV channel package like Dish TV Packages, you would know. Many of us are finding Bart’s opinions contradictory and behavior undesirable. His constant pranks on the character Moe, making Moe irritated with him and going to the extent of threatening him. Poor Moe doesn’t know that it is Bart who is making the prank calls. Another victim of Bart’s prank is Principal Seymour Skinner. According to Principal Skinner, the only person who is ruining the reputation of the school is Bart. Not to forget, even his life. Some episodes show Skinner regretting why he had to get a student like Bart. He tries all kinds of technics to transfer Bart to another school, but it somehow never works. His constant complaints to Bart’s parents don’t do any good. In one episode, he gets so fumed up that he calls Homer and Marge, the parents of Bart and tell them to take Bart to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist treats the rebellious character of Bart by giving him drums to play. That does not cure Bart’s character as he continues to play the drums every time. Homer gets so angry as Bart continues to play them even at night, not giving Homer a decent amount of sleep. To end Bart’s interest in playing the drums, he sends Bart along with Lisa to a Jazz club. This can happen if you have a son like Bart. But frankly, Bart is not a spoiled brat. He could be occasionally difficult to handle, but he is caring and loves his family. You may feel that he likes to make a mockery out of his father and tease him, but that is not true. He loves his father and wants people to know that even though his father is an idiot and cranky, still he is the most loving father a son can have. The same is with his mother Marge. He never does any prank on his mother and respects her. Sometimes you may feel that he hates being known as a mama’s boy, but he enjoys listening and spending time with his mother. Many of us may feel that Bart’s relationship with Lisa is very much disturbing. He always likes to irritate Lisa and hurt her to some extend physically. It does not mean he hates Lisa because she is a nerd. He cares for her very deeply and always apologizes to her when he goes too far with his antics. Besides that he regards Lisa superior and best in solving problems that at times he always consults with her for solutions. You will be surprised to know that Bart is very much possessive about Lisa. In one episode, when a bully destroys the cookies prepared by Lisa, he stands up against the bully for her. This will show you how much caring he is as an elder brother. Frankly, Bart’s rebellious and daredevil character cause inconveniences to his family and the people of Springfield, but that doesn’t mean he is a problem child. Like all children Bart uses his irrational thinking and free spirit to express his opinions. Many of us may find this contradicting, but as Bart says, "This is how I am and I have no intention of changing my behavior". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: