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UnCategorized The difference between a web designer and a web developer has inspired much debate and confusion. This confusion, undoubtedly, is not unfounded. Not only are the terms easily interchangeable with each other but they also seem to have the same practitioners. Because it is always best to know both worlds, web designers eventually do venture out into web development, and web developers to web design. To resolve this rather undying issue, let us first define web design and web development. Web design, as the name implies, pertains to the creation of sites in accordance to shape, lines, color, and texture. The theme of the entire web page becomes it main focus. It recognizes the importance of the look and feel of the web site and how the visitors will perceive it to be. The web designer concerns himself mainly on the aesthetic presentation of the web page and puts the viewers appreciation on top of everything else. A viewers interaction with the web page is always top priority. It is the web designers job to entice viewers and to keep them coming back to the web site. Web development, on the other hand, has more to do with the creation of a website without consideration to design. It takes part in the planning and execution of a web page that are not in line with the design such as encoding in HTML. A web developer concerns himself mainly on the functionality of a web page. His top priorities include the time and effort put into creating and maintaining a web site. In addition, the web developer figures out how viewers will go about and use the website. When people log on to website, they expect to get what they need. For web developers, providing them exactly what they need is enough. But then again, it is always better to surprise viewers and leave them in awe. More people are inclined to think that web developers are smarter and better. It is important, then, to keep in mind that technical know-how and practicality can only go so far. Although it is significant to obtain information as quickly and conveniently as possible, a monotonous and bland website cannot simply do the trick for the customers. A cool, innovative web design brings in the viewers and the millions of hits. There are millions of websites out there and a whole lot of information to disseminate. The challenge is to make your message stand out and be heard. And this is where web design manifests its magic. Web design provides a personal or a company website a chance to over deliver. Web design and web development are both crucial in the creation of a website. One simply cannot function completely without the other so to compare them and to try to defend which is more important is pointless. They are two very different yet interdependent fields. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: