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UnCategorized Love handles, spare tire and beer belly are all names that basically amount to the same thing. That thing is belly fat. It’s horrible, it’s hazardous and it’s embarrassing. So, don’t let it control you. Here are some easy and fast ways to lose your love handles. Trash The Junk! By definition, junk belongs in the trash. That especially goes for junk food. Potato chips, cookies, cakes and candy bars may taste great, but they are full of empty calories. The same goes for fried and fatty fast foods. They will only add to your love handles problem. The best way to trash the junk food and get it out of your life is to simply not buy it. If it isn’t in your house, you can’t eat it. Hence, removing the temptations can be a great step in the right direction. Substitute, Don’t Starve! If there’s one important rule for a healthy diet plan, replace with a substitute, not starving! In other words, you need to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. You also need to listen to your cravings, but adapt to them a bit. For example, when you want something sweet, have a bowl of fruit or a fruit smoothie, not a cupcake. The Internet is full of great healthy recipes. So, take advantage of it. You’re sure to find plenty of meal and snack foods that you can enjoy and will help you to lose your belly fat, rather than pack it on. Work It On Out! Once unsightly love handles have set in, they tend to stay. Subsequently, you have to work hard to remove them. That means that you need to stay active and get a lot of exercise. In fact, it’s best to get at least an hour or so of cardiovascular exercise three to four days a week, at least. Remember that you need to get your body working during exercise. So, make yourself sweat and give yourself a real challenge to lose that stubborn belly fat. That’s the only way to boost your metabolism. Also, as you begin to get in shape, you may find that you need to increase the intensity of your workouts to keep on challenging yourself. Tone Your Muscles! You also need to tone your muscles. A good way to do that, in general, is with some basic weight training. A good way to tone the abdominal muscles in particular, meanwhile, is to do exercises that are targeted to the midsection. You may even want to sign up for classes at the gym in order to get a good exercise plan together to lose your love handles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: