sea bass and red snapper. There are also numerous drinks and beverages throughout the island that can be enjoyed. Beer is plentiful and is served just about anywhere 男子刮宝马车留条 抗洪官兵伙食曝光

Arts-and-Entertainment The Cayman Islands is made up of three different islands but the most popular of these three probably has to be the Grand Cayman. This is the largest of all three and also happens to be where the capital is. Most couples going on a honeymoon opt to stop here because of the wonderful view and the great time that they can have. What exactly does the Grand Cayman have to offer? To begin with just like any other Caribbean island you have the beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets and lots of entertainment in the Grand Cayman. The island boasts of a culture that is both diverse and distinct at the same time with influences coming from Jamaica, North America and the United Kingdom. The people of Grand Cayman are warm, friendly and accommodating, so any couple taking their honeymoon here will surely have a great experience. Couples going here can choose from a number of accommodations depending on what their budget is. There are five star hotels and resorts that they can take their pick from. There are also all inclusive resorts for those who are looking to save a bit of money during their honeymoon. For those on a really tight budget there are also numerous smaller resorts and inns which are both nice and affordable. Both a luxury setting and a cozy romantic setting can work well during a honeymoon. Of course it would be a waste to spend the entire honeymoon in a resort; couples can venture out and enjoy the many different water sports and activities that the island has to offer. There are a number of renowned dive spots that they can explore where they will discover ship wrecks and all sorts of marine life. For those who may not be experienced with diving viewing the waters can be done through snorkeling and glass bottom boat rides. To add some excitement and adrenaline rush to any honeymoon kayaking, wind surfing, para-sailing, water-skiing and various sports can be tried. For those seeking something much more calm and romantic a cruise around the island would be perfect. Another great romantic activity and treat that couples can do off the beach is to get some massages and spa treatments offered in various spas and wellness centers throughout the island. A Grand Cayman dining experience can be wonderful as well. Honeymooners will discover a wide range of restaurants as well as local places to dine in. With a strong Jamaican influence in their cooking couples can enjoy dishes such as Jerk and rice with peas and curry. Being near the waters they can also enjoy numerous seafood dishes especially lobster, conch chowder, sea bass and red snapper. There are also numerous drinks and beverages throughout the island that can be enjoyed. Beer is plentiful and is served just about anywhere; and the same goes for cocktails. Resting, enjoying, wining and dining are not the only thing that couples can look forward to in Grand Cayman. Being an island rich with culture and arts couples on a honeymoon can expect to find a lot of entertainment. There are regular a shows as well as art exhibits that can be viewed. A honeymoon in April will have you just in time for the Cayman Island Art Festival. The fun does not stop here because there is still more that the Grand Cayman has to offer. For those who really want to have a blast and party, there are also a number of nightspots to visit. Don"t be too surprised if you find a couple of parties on the beach at night too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: