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Software SAP B1 is on the way of expansion, especially with the introduction of version SB1 2007A for US market earlier this year (2008). Software licensing for SBO is all-in-one per named user, however it differs per user role. But in any case, you probably want to benefit on exposing SB1 data to web internet users. We are introducing new product: Web Views for SAP Business One, which allows you to do sales ordering online by sales people as well as querying SAP BO modules for virtually all your employees, depending on their role or deployment department. In this small publication we would like to review Web Views features and functionality: 1.Sales Orders and Invoices Entry. It is primarily targeted to your travelling sales reps, but you can open it for your permanent Business-to-Business customers as well. When Sales document is entered it is automatically created in SB1 Database and then through Web Views your sales persons can track Order or Invoice status. In our opinion Sales procedures exposure to the internet is critical in business to business ecommerce scenarios, this is why Web Views initially addresses it in its earlier versions 2.Data Inquiry. For the rest of us, who are SAP BO non-sales users, Web Views opens variety of the modules for web querying: Accounts Payable, Purchases, Inventory, Financial Reporting, General Ledger and others, please check with us on current add-ons 3.Technology. Web Views is written in SAP Business One SDK. Our programmers are working to extend modules coverage. As you may know SB1 SDK or Software Development Kit allows you to control SBO objects without business logic violation (as you probably know you cant update SB1 database tables via SQL update statements) 4.Licensing benefits. In Web Views you do not have to pay relatively high all-in-one user license cost for your web viewers. In this scenario you can consider the model when relatively small number of SB1 users in accounting are handling your core AR, AP processing and you have powerful sales force working with SB1 via Web Views from the fields. Plus, for your company executives, who are watching financial statements, you do not have to consume SAP Business One user licenses, as they can see what they needs through SB1 Web Views About the Author: Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum, , [email protected] Please visit our information portal Pegas Planet: , serving ERP systems community since 1993, local service in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, remote support in CA, IL, IN, NY, FL, AZ, WA, NV, MI, WI, QC, ON, BC and the rest of USA and Canada. Article Published On: – Software 相关的主题文章: