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Internet-and-Business-Online Viral marketing is what a century or two ago would have been called word of mouth marketing, probably the only form of marketing at the time. Simply put, viral marketing is marketing by means of individuals passing on a marketing message to other individuals who then will pass on to others. Under optimal conditions, this would cause an avalanche effect, which would be very beneficial for the company. Viral marketing is the Internet term for the word of mouth marketing. The name was applied probably due to the way a virus infection spreads. From one computer or individual to all other computers, which the computer may come in touch with, ending, under best conditions, in a worldwide reach. This does not mean of course that the actual viral marketing is wholly by word of mouth. You may tell about your product to certain people whom you can count on to spread the word. They may send emails, write on blogs, mention this to newspapers etc. And from there other people will get to know about this. The Internet’s incredible resources, the popularity of social media networking devices such as blogs, and social networking sites etc has improved the potential of viral marketing. However, the reach of your marketing will depend on your product, the current market conditions, as well as the effectiveness of the people whom you first tell; how passionate they are about your product. Hence your brand should generate enough interest in the first place, enough for people to enthusiastically comment about it. There have been cases where viral marketing has been incredibly successful. An example is the time when the Universal Orlando Resort launched "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter." The company’s head of marketing, Cindy Gordon, told just seven people about the launch of the "Harry Potter" attraction. It is estimated that the news reached about 350 million people world wide from these seven. The seven people whom Gordon chose were almost at the top of "Harry Potter" fan ladder. They were mentioned in "Harry Potter" fan websites and were hand selected by Cindy Gordon’s team and the Warner Bros (who produce "Harry Potter" movies). Since all of them were passionate "Harry Potter" fans, and the book itself was such a success, the viral marketing was a big hit. The advantage here is that compared to conventional marketing, such as billboards, television and radio ads, newspaper ads etc, your viral marketing will cost you much less. Also, people tend to trust word of mouth more than advertisements and hence the effect of your marketing would be more. It is indeed an effective marketing technique, provided your brand (or at least the market it caters to) as well as the people who you first choose is capable of generating interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: