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I wouldn’t advise you to jump right into the pool of coc .. ruling kingdoms and leading battles?e. a date or herself just to get what he wants would not constitute a woman would it Consequently speaking a man who would willingly let himself be controlled by something as shallow as the anatomy or physical assets of a woman is clearly not too much of a man There is talk of a woman holding power over man because they are able to root him emotionally to reality In other words a man needs a woman more than a woman needs a man when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues or needing a sympathetic ear This may be because a mans set of buddies will not be able to provide him adequately with comfort so they turn to women for this While this supposition may be true you can hardly point this out as a sufficient means of power a woman has over man It is clearly more of a dependency issue Another argument raised is a woman reminds a man of his mother thereby granting a sort of immediate need to submit or yield to her orders Maybe this is actually a good thing knowing that men are actually good at following directions and doing what you want But for men to think of you as his mother is frankly not too appealing even if he does obey your every command Bottom line here is there is no such thing as women in power over men or one gender to another Human beings are all created equal no matter what parts make him or her up A healthy society is one built from communication and understanding rather than fear or submission to women in power About the Author: Tags: Privacy Policy Copyright 2005-2015 ArticleSnatch.com – All Rights Reserved. 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