My war re definition of the Chinese blockbuster film beef怎么读�

"My war" released Chinese redefined war blockbuster Sina entertainment news war epic "my war" the Mid Autumn Festival (September 15th) National release. The film by Hongkong director Pang [micro-blog] directed by famous writers, Liu Heng himself, and assembled a powerful actor Liu Ye [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wang Luodan, Huang Zhizhong, Tony Yang, Ye Qing [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wang Longhua, Zhang Shan, Geng Le [micro-blog], Guo Jinglin co starred in the first description of the Korean War the commercial blockbuster. "My war" was tough, action, war, love and many other types of elements, Hongkong director Pang used type of techniques to control the main melody of the war film. The film with the national interests and immersed in love little composes the real moving heroism can cause the audience’s sense of national honor and thinking of the film. Before the release of the roadshow scene, a male audience talking about "Liu Ye help Wang Luodan mine" the love scene, his most touching. Director Peng Shun said it was one of his favorite scenes. The audience said, Chinese film does not need to copy the U.S. blockbuster. Chinese style blockbuster should start from the human nature, from the details, even if the scene is grand, intense scenes, but also pay attention to every detail, to the Chinese people’s unique delicate emotion and expression moved. "My war" is the representative of China’s war blockbuster. "The movie is focused on a full range of blood, instant performance and protect our homes and defend our country flying fire volunteers brought a big break through the screen, blowing the audio-visual shock for the audience, from the delicate emotional description in portraying the real battlefield of ordinary soldiers, they immersed in love, the father and son, Brother feeling heavy, stirring. I read "war" many netizens exclaimed, "war is cruel, but peace, but not to! The movie is wonderful realistic scenes, human highlight "," these are the most lovely people with blood and lives of the Chinese straight spine, remember people have made contributions to the Chinese nation!" "My war" based on Mr. Ba Jin’s famous novel "Reunion", the special environment of the war as the background, describes the history of the family, friendship and love, especially throughout the film for the common aspiration of reunion, especially tear. The film was released in the Mid Autumn Festival, also is to let everyone remember these movies borrowed by the blood and life for today’s happy reunion life of revolutionary martyrs. It is reported that the film by China film Limited by Share Ltd LED products, Beijing sunrise time Cultural Development Co. Ltd., Beijing Gehua cable television Network Inc, movie channel program center, Shanghai 1000 Zhicheng Yi culture media Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongnan pictures Beijing Bofan culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd Beijing movie distribution company propaganda issue.相关的主题文章: