Women fall into the pit at night, 2 broken ribs no warning signs 木村kaela

Women fall into the pit at night, 2 broken ribs without warning signs reporters arrived here yesterday, the incident has been a warning sign. The reporter Intern Yao Chuanlong Wang Zhuo yesterday morning, 46 year old Cai Xingtao lying in Wuhan City ninth hospital beds, the expression of pain. The night before, she was riding a bicycle from the home, a car to about 500 meters outside the garage to get something, but not accidentally fell into a 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, 1.5 meters deep pit move, Cai Xingtao accidentally caused two rib fractures. According to nearby residents: the pit has been in existence for 4 days, has not one to deal with. Nocturnal woman rider fall into the pit on the bed, Cai Xingtao’s return to the story: the day before yesterday at 8 pm, she went out from unity Avenue and industrial road junction two home, ready to ride a bike along the road to the WuHan Railway Station United direction about 500 meters to the garage to get something, did not think of to just go to 200 meters, he fell into a big hole in the bike lane. "At that time it was completely dark, although there are road lights, but they accidentally fell into the pit road." Cai Xingtao said, in an instant fall in the pit, she was lying on the bicycle body floating head stuck in the pit, the rest of the body is in the pit, aching, dizzy, but want to cry do not cry out loud. Cai Xingtao said, at that moment, she felt despair. Two well intentioned people in the vicinity of the rescue is a long walk in the vicinity of Mr. Zhang Cai Cai found trapped in the pit can not move. Because Cai Xingtao body fat, and was stuck in the bike, rescue difficult. At this moment, the 58 year old Wang sound more cycling passed here, after the dangerous, quickly stopped the car, Cai Xingtao will be dragged into the pit outside the flat, then lift the bike. After the rescue, Wang call 110 and more than 120 police, police rushed to the scene, trying to dialogue with Cai Xingtao, but because of the injury, CAI can not speak. Cai Cai police found the phone to find her husband Song Dingfa’s phone number, get in touch with. After his family arrived, along with the ambulance will be sent to Wuhan Ninth Hospital for treatment. After diagnosis, Cai Jun bilateral pleural effusion, left fifth, 7 rib fractures. Yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter at the scene, Cai Xingtao falls pit next to the already set up warning barrels, pit filled with branches. Not far from the sidewalk, a manhole cover is damaged seriously, but did not set up warning signs. "The pit has appeared in about 4 days, also worried about the accident yesterday evening, do not want to hurt people." Living in the vicinity of the incident Lv Cuilan said, before the pit near is not set up warning signs, after the accident, the reporter to the scene before the urban management staff to set up. Is there a warning sign is the key responsibility of nearby residents speculated that the pit is crushed by cart, but if timely repair, or set up warning signs, not unexpected. City Digital Service Center staff responded to reporters that they have been aware of this matter, so that the staff to deal with the urban management committee. As for相关的主题文章: