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"Old boy" said to meet the "difficult"   a study of new cheated nearly a million – Education – people.com.cn original title: "old boy" said the home in a "difficult" to study the new cheated nearly a million recent freshman of telecommunications fraud has aroused wide concern in the public. Huang graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University this summer, coming to a Zhejiang University Graduate school. Opening soon, yellow 9800 yuan tuition and living expenses are telecommunications fraudsters fooled, liar bank card account in Xi’an. Before the start of school to meet such a thing is really sad, I put my own experience of being cheated out, to college students to wake up." He said. "Old school" to buy the ticket in case of "difficult" at noon yesterday, the reporter linked to the present in Zhejiang Huang, he told reporters about after being cheated. Huang said, the evening of August 31st, QQ received his application for a friend, the name that is one of his college classmates, said that the new QQ number, let him add friends. This classmate Xiao Huang now studying in the United States, picture and information with the student information is also consistent, Huang did not want to add into their friends. "With friends, she simply asked me in the domestic situation, and then she said she recently returned, but because in foreign countries not to buy tickets, so I hope to send the money to me, then let me help her find a domestic company ‘Li’ ticket." Huang said, "at that time because she said to give me money, so also did not think, agreed." Yellow your bank card number to each other after his classmates soon gave him a shot over a remittance voucher, showing the payee and the payment card number is small, and the display has been the success of the transfer. Think of the "difference" remittance pays 9800 yuan but wait for a while, Huang did not receive their bank card payment success tips, "I ‘classmates’ tell me, must make money to sell tickets’ Li’ before 9 pm, otherwise the ticket may not buy her. Gave me the" Li "card." Huang said, "the time points at 8:50 in the evening, I still have not received the card" students’ remittances, and that "Li" give me a phone call, say to the remittance it can not buy tickets, students worried about delaying the thing, I will fight in the past in advance my own money." But Huang 9800 yuan money to fight over, his "students" and the "Li" can not speak. "I was feeling a bit wrong, step back, found a lot of suspicious places among them, then I rushed to my classmates sent WeChat, she said she had no contact with me, then I found himself fooled." Huang said. It is understood that the "Li" information display yellow remittance named "Li Xiaoqiang", the bank card remittance bank account in Xi’an commercial bank. A "precise positioning" let him off guard Huang afterwards will tell their own experiences of his classmates in abroad. The student said she was at all相关的主题文章: