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The British film director "The Belt and Road" Documentary: the West need to know more about the China – Sohu culture channel in Shanghai. In September 11, (Zheng Yingying) "there are a lot of misconceptions about western China, I want to try to stand in the China perspective, with" The Belt and Road "as the theme of the documentary as an opportunity to show Chinese development" not the same to the west, has won the Oscar prize for the famous British director MalcolmClarke said. Malcolm has been working on documentaries and dramas for decades, and has won numerous international film festival awards including the Oscar prize. The 11 day seminar in Shanghai to participate in "he construction of The Belt and Road", introduced the "The Belt and Road" he is filming the TV documentary. The documentary search along the witnesses, including from Yiwu to Italy Chinese Prato merchants, the city and the areas along the children. He told the China News Agency reporter, the documentary began shooting five or six months ago, ready to spend at least 2 years of production. "The need to know more Chinese, less misunderstanding", he said, despite the challenges, I hope to try an objective perspective about the changes brought by The Belt and Road ". "Along the way through some places, particularly want to be included in the" The Belt and Road "construction", Malcolm said, which he is not surprised, because now China has huge economic influence. The day of the seminar, the Consulate General of Iran in Shanghai cultural Commissioner Behnam Azad also said that Iran and China are important countries of the silk road. Chinese "The Belt and Road construction in addition to economic influence, and cultural significance. The new silk road is to strengthen bilateral relations, the link between the two cultures. (end)相关的主题文章: