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Baidu Unicom signed a strategic cooperation, which will be a win-win? The Sohu of science and technology in November 2nd, Robin Li went to Qingdao, met with Wang Xiaochu. China Unicom and Baidu Inc formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to carry out a comprehensive in-depth cooperation. According to China Unicom and Baidu Chinese cooperation agreement, the two sides will play their respective advantages in the field of resources, to carry out in-depth cooperation in resource replacement, complementary technology and achievement sharing in mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, data communication, basic business, work together to speed up the reform and development of enterprises in the mobile Internet era under the. The two sides will jointly open up online and offline services. Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li said that through China Unicom’s customer and user channels, Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology can be convenient and efficient services to more industries and the public. The exploration of both sides, will also provide inspiration for more cross-border cooperation with the Internet industry. While China Unicom aspects of the previous period as a result of mixed ownership reform has become the focus of public opinion, the cooperation with Baidu triggered a lot of lenovo. Baidu and China Unicom cooperation is intended to change the mix or otherwise, the two will be a win-win cooperation it? First, Baidu and China Unicom cooperation is now profound understanding of the industry cooperation between the two guesses, mostly in Baidu’s current business. On the one hand, China Unicom as an operator can better cooperation with Baidu in the network, in some telecommunications business to give Baidu more priority. On the other hand, Baidu’s mobile phone Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu maps products can be in depth cooperation with China unicom. Baidu Unicom Unicom will complete the next line stores and 300 thousand stores online service, and in the process, Baidu’s O2O landing point. China Unicom in the country’s huge base network and network is a valuable treasure for Baidu, can take advantage of these assets to revitalize China Unicom, Baidu business for landing, there is a very broad prospects. Ceng Liang, general manager of Baidu Nuomi and China Unicom deputy general manager, also signed a cooperation agreement, Jiang Zhengxin. For both online and offline cooperation in O2O on a big. But what is interesting is that Robin Li in the interview referred to the secondary school of artificial intelligence, referred to artificial intelligence can solve the problem of 10010 customer service. Robin Li also said that the two sides will explore more cross-border cooperation with the industry to provide inspiration. In the interview, he also mentioned the innovation to loneliness. These things are of little interest to the outside world, O2O said. What does Robin Li mean? This relates to the depth of cooperation between Baidu and China Unicom, Baidu’s future strategy. Since the establishment of Baidu, the main profit point has been on the search business. After 10 years of development, the business has been very mature, and very stable growth, but there will be no breakthrough development. These years, Baidu is involved in many fields, try a lot of direction, Baidu Nuomi in the search for new growth, Baidu, finance, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, big data, cloud services are Baidu exploration direction. By the end of 2016, with the breakthrough of artificial intelligence technology (deep learning practical), Baidu.相关的主题文章: