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Alert | family atomization, those problems easily overlooked! Sohu – click the "heart health petrel yuan can subscribe oh! This week the hottest thing is to speak I can ride atomization! Xi’an doctor Liu Haiyan these two days, the atomization of rumors and attacked "anti fog" of the post fire, the positive energy of the article, seething! Seems to be very safe atomization, today I also wrote an article to remind parents to pay attention to. In recent years, the use of home atomization machine has been rising year by year, there are many problems that are worrying. These days, one hour dad sound, famous pharmacists also speak, a lot of rumor posted, very good atomization card, is bound to promote the purchase and use of a nebulizer, as a conscientious pediatrician, must stand up and talk about those problems of family atomization are easy to overlook. Remind everybody, do not blindly buy and secretly abuse! Atomization is risky! Family atomization is very fire fire, but the popularity of knowledge is not in place! Today, the atomizer is very hot! However, the popularity of atomization is not in place, many hospitals or doctors, can not keep pace with the times, can not update the latest knowledge and knowledge of the experts in a timely manner. A lot of hospitals and even the top three hospitals, still with dexamethasone and gentamicin and even traditional Chinese medicine to the child atomization, which should be out of the program. Atomization is risky! Can not replace the formal treatment! There are a lot of risks and potential hazards in the family, because there is no doctor can be on-site guidance, parents may delay the time to seek medical treatment. Not long ago, a parent secretly using atomized medicine without medical treatment, one week after the child cough, come to me for medical treatment, the child is already a typical pneumonia, I quickly stopped our hospitalization, 10 days infusion discharge; what are the family atomization problem? Parents give their children family atomization, because children cannot evaluate the severity of illness, whether there is hypoxia, what time atomization, atomization is what drugs, what may be sicker, what are the side effects of drugs, side effects do occur, still the phlegm jam how to do? How do you do it? These are very easy to ignore the problem of parents. Not long ago, one of the parents, the online purchase of atomizing machine, in order to prevent the child crying in the children eating a meal, sleep for children atomization, resulting in food regurgitation caused by suffocation, almost an accident, fortunately, near the hospital, the doctor’s rescue, it saved a life of children! Many families are blind to buy! Now the network is very strong, many parents buy all kinds of tricks of the atomization machine not in Taobao, or buy is not appropriate for the ultrasonic nebulizer used by children, or bought dozens of pieces of money has no effect to low atomization machine, one hundred or two hundred in fact, smart people know that a price of a goods. Those cheap is not a formal large manufacturers of atomization, the particles are too large, it is likely to enter the lower respiratory tract, can not play a role in how much oh. Personal recommendations, to buy on the regular large manufacturers. For example, Italy Beijing Feilama, Gina, Philip, OMRON相关的主题文章: