BMW original car screen upgrade caska, Rui Chao Yue experience mentalist

BMW original car screen upgrade caska, Rui Chaoyue experience car luxury brand is the most people for having heard it many times BBA, BBA BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. Take BMW, give us the impression that the luxury brand in the motion control, and a strong sense of science and technology innovation with interior configuration is known, especially the new generation of BMW 7 Series listed, intelligent laser headlights, gesture sensing control, bright sky roof sci-fi black technology configuration shocked the world the eye. But Every bean has its black., likewise, as a luxury brand BMW, there are also some problems, especially the BMW 1 series, 3 series and 5 series such as the low allocation models, Tucao is the most difficult to use BMW navigation, complicated operation, the search function is not humane, no method of route planning. BMW owners for these pain points, a good helper for electronic homeopathy launched specifically for the original car screen BMW Development upgrade products — caska · Rui. BMW recently used the slogan was "Yue miracle", while caska · sharp slogan is "Chao Yue experience · can’t be held back", through the evaluation, we have to look at how "caska · Rui Chao Yue experience", whether it can create a miracle to surprise us? Experience: the original car Chaoyue style UI HD big screen touch the current models of the original car BMW 1 series, 3 series, 5 series with low is 6.5 inches with a resolution of 800× 480 of the small screen, according to their different models to upgrade to caska · after the dressing up to 8.8 inch or 10.25 inch, resolution of up to 1280× HD display; 480. Our evaluation of the eyes of this car BMW 320i is the same, the original car 6.5 inches screen upgrade to reach the current 8.8 inches, the resolution is 1280× 480 RGB, the picture is more delicate, clear and have a sense of hierarchy. In addition, it is understood that in addition to the new generation of the BMW 7 series, the original car screen most of the other BMW cars are not touch, caska · sharp plus support behoove touch this user-friendly settings, so far, through the touch screen or BMW iDrive knob can operate the corresponding function interface. It is worth mentioning that a screen dual system settings. The default boot first into the original car interface, as long as you press the "menu" button will switch to caska · system interface sharp, the original car system and · system in sharp caska; long press "menu" button to switch back and forth. In the evaluation, switch to caska · system interface sharp, we see that the original car style UI are right, and I also began to ask the engineer whether have been switched to caska · sharp interface, and the style of the original car too close to real ". Caska · sharp interface original car style UI, no tension, no deformation, and the original car system close to unity, the owner of the BMW visual experience, there is no unexpected sense.相关的主题文章: