China will launch its first commercial launch in December pretty rhythm

China will launch its first commercial launch in December – China News Agency, Zhuhai, May 2 (reporter Zhang Su) – the Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai on November 1st in. Reporters learned from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, fast boat rocket will be completed in December 2016, the first commercial launch. China CASIC Zhuhai airshow spokesman Lv Xiaoge said, fast boat one solid rocket is the world’s first satellite integrated design of small solid launch vehicle, has the advantages of low cost, rapid integration, rapid orbit and other innovative features. "Fast boat one" has been successfully launched in 2013, in 2014, to verify the rapid response capability of space. Because of the fast, flexible, economic and other characteristics, it is favored by commercial space. Lv Xiaoge, for example, through scientific and technological innovation, the launch of the fast boat launch quality than similar products to reduce about 20 tons, only one of these can directly reduce the launch cost of about $10 million. February 2016, aerospace science and technology Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated, and soon signed a commercial launch service contract. Lv Xiaoge said, the first commercial launch services contract will choose a fast boat one general solid rocket, plans to launch in December to choose Jilin No.1 "smart video star 03 star, and is equipped with two cubic star, realize multi Samsung launch. He said the mission to follow the market behavior, the commercial launch contract form, by users and service providers to launch state control and implementation of the organization, has the characteristics of a new organizational model, short preparation time etc.. Lv Xiaoge also told the China News Agency reporter pointed out that the fast boat one used in natural disaster emergency communication system, ground monitoring and fault, realize the satellite launch and space rapid deployment, timely access to disaster information. (end)相关的主题文章: