Dalian rental deflagration burns with the boy ran out of distress (video) t420s

Dalian rental deflagration burns out for help with the boy at 5:50 on the morning of October 3rd, Ganjingzi district near Willow Street a rental sudden deflagration accident. Both the mother and child were badly burned. 3 pm, in the Fourth People’s Hospital of Dalian city burn ICU, was severely burned dustbinman Joe Zuokuan and 11 year old son in accept rescue. Qiao Zuokuan has been the tracheal incision, unable to speak, children are immersed in the accident when the tragic memories and physical pain, cries from time to time. The mother and son are too poor!" Zhang Dashu is a former citizen of the work of the "master", but also the mother and son of the neighbors. When the accident occurred, Zhang Dashu in the rental housing from the incident less than 50 meters outside the rental area, has not got up. "I heard ‘Bang Bang’ at the time, thought it was a car tire." Zhang Dashu said, did not expect that after a while, the door of his house was pounded on. "I heard Xiao Fei (the son of Qiao Zuokuan, a pseudonym) at the door and shouted: Grandpa, save my mother!" Uncle Zhang went out to see. "The child was covered with burns. I went to Niangliang rented a look and found the house has been blown out of shape, interior still on fire, Joe Zuokuan was burned, lying on the ground dead." 3 afternoon, reporters in the Willow Street near the site of the incident to see Joe Zuokuan, mother and son rented is located in a layer of semi basement. Rental housing has been blown up front, the interior was blackened, a mess. Zhang Dashu told reporters, after the incident reporting boats said: Joe Zuokuan is going to go to work, a light exploded. "We suspect that the LPG tank valve aging leakage, a lights was ignited." Zhang Dashu told reporters. Then firefighters rushed to put out the fire, Joe Zuokuan mother and son were also taken to hospital rescue. In an interview with Zhang uncle said the neighbor, Joe Zuokuan is a poor man. She has been divorced for many years, has been with his son rented in this semi basement. Children in primary school, mother and son had a very tight, did not expect such accidents!"" A sanitation worker told reporters. Reporters from the burn department of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Dalian city learned that Joe Zuokuan 35% body burns, accompanied by respiratory tract injury. The boats and 55% body burns, the mother and son to rescue. Medical expenses will have stopped in a storm and two help on the road. The reporter understands, Joe Zuokuan home in Pulandian, farming parents, father legs mobility, mother and heart disease. "I hope good people to help this Niangliang, save their life." Zhang Dashu said. Jilin man at the gas tank caused by Dutch act three floor rental deflagration disaster source相关的主题文章: