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Dante "password" Tom Hanks details burning brain solution hell plot – Sohu entertainment "Dante code" IMAX Edition Poster Sohu entertainment news (Xiao Xuanwen) following the "Finch code" and as "angels and demons", directed by Ron Howard and Tom – Hanks cooperation film "Dante" burning brain password landing the more than and 330 IMAX theaters in October 28th. Released the same day, IMAX held in Beijing media viewing will burst, film Hollywood blockbusters texture and artistic temperament, gradually unraveling the burning brain signs of danger appearing everywhere, the plot, with the audience together to embark on a journey of adventure puzzle. IMAX big screen writing classic director together again Tom Hanks Dante "password" produced by the Columbia film company, Director Ron Howard directed the Hollywood line strength of the actors were Tom Hanks, felicity Jones. Omar, race, Ben Forster, who starred in Iran Khan portrait. The film tells the story of amnesia semiotics professor Robert Landon in the female doctor Sinna’s help, trying to get rid of the enemy’s desperate to kill, raced to find clues, to crush the mysterious person to make the earth a poet Dante described the "hell" of the story plot. The audience is excited, this is by Tom. Hanks’s Semiotics expert Professor Landon for the first time to return to the IMAX format to the audience attention, and "Da Finch code" series of Iron Triangle — Oscar Winning Director Ron Howard, Oscar winner Tom Hanks and the original novel author Dan Brown again, and more Hollywood’s most prestigious top music master Hans Zimmer himself, the picture of Dante’s "Divine Comedy" hell painted onto the big screen IMAX. The film created by Botticelli "hell" and "illusion" and Professor Landon’s vision of hell intertwined one, fusion of visual and auditory IMAX cinema in the just perfect show to the audience a number of complex brain burn the details of the audience said: "hell picture visual in IMAX amplification under more daunting." Some of the media commented: "IMAX like explosion visual effects did not see enough, the film is full of semiotics, architecture, religion elements, strongly recommend IMAX because it is personally on the scene charm, let you follow those big coffee Landon academic thinking, through a variety of artistic works and the verse in fog to Dante find the truth." IMAX visual thriller hanging in the movie again and again to turn the tide, the melodious music in classical IMAX class digital surround sound rendering, the audience into the field is full of historical charm and exotic moment, and there is no lack of magical adventure, ancient Renaissance painting, charming European style and suspense story IMAX with the dazzling visual shock. At the same time, thrilling shootout, explosion, blood films in dynamic scenes in IMAX on the big screen lifelike reduction, the audience into super sense, as the embodiment of Landon Professor, regardless of personal danger to prevent a conspiracy staged. The IMAX version of "IMAX DMR" password via Dante? (Digital replica of the original bottom technology.相关的主题文章: