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This week a ticket to the "golden period" to talk about those things to choose low-priced tickets this year "eleven Golden Week" to the tourist hot spots about ticket prices from the beginning of September 20th continued to rise, the same route, the day before the same flights or low discount, after a few days basically keep rising trend, the peak period until about October 2nd the price will rise to the difference before and after the golden week, up to hundreds or even thousands of yuan. So, today we will talk about, during the national day to buy cheap tickets those things. First to Dalian, Tibet, Hangzhou benefits of Guiyang and Xi’an have a cheap ticket "eleven" travel season, airlines raise fares be not at all surprising part of the airline ticket, but still maintained a relatively "low" prices. According to Ali on the cheap tickets to travel APP calendar, the reporter sorted out the following eleven periods from Hangzhou, the price is right, reasonable time and more in line with the popular demand for popular tourist routes, for reference. Domestic line, Hangzhou to Dalian, Tibet, Guiyang, Xi’an, there are still more than cheap tickets can grab. As of October 4th, 9:25 from Xiaoshan to Dalian Shandong airline ticket is 460 yuan, the price of similar routes is currently about 250 yuan; on the same day, Tibet Airlines 13:45 flight to Lhasa sale ticket is 1902 yuan, the price is generally around 1800 yuan, the difference is small; on October 3rd ~4, 21:05 flights to Xi’an Eastern Airlines ticket the price is 400 yuan, and now the ticket price is similar. Single ticket price considerations, if you just take these places as a national day trip destination, you can save a small pen. It is also recommended that there are October 3rd 18:25 direct flights to Guiyang air tickets in Sichuan, the price of 470 yuan; the next day, auspicious aviation flagship store also has a special ticket sales of $465. The National Day period, Hangzhou to Guiyang ticket prices are generally in the range of 450~800 yuan, plus until October 7th, Guizhou province of the tourism scenic area (spot) charges a listing of 50 percent off tickets from Zhejiang to Guizhou Province tourists, so visitors will be in Guizhou this year as the "eleven golden autumn" can be said to very affordable. International line is also part of the higher cost of the route. For example, in October 4th, 8:50 direct flights to Bangkok, China International Aviation flagship store sold 1364 yuan. October 5th, 19:20 direct flights to Jeju Island Spring Airlines flight 765 yuan. During the national day of the ticket price is not only more than flat time travel time and amplitude is also more appropriate, not love red eye flights and friends can choose these stops. However, the final price of the airline ticket is still subject to individual booking time. Besides the ticket money saving tips, the peak in different places, is a timeless two coup assuming the above recommended several tickets and not your food, then the following two "outdated" tips might help you to buy other cheap airline tickets during the national day. The first is to advance understanding of the ticket price floating curve, pick the peak ticket. Comprehensive online travel platform recently released price information, the reporter found that this year’s eleven golden week to fly to the hot spots.相关的主题文章: