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Insider exposure song Dongye unbridled a day. Several "meal" Song Dongye drug in front of people (map) entertainment news October 13th afternoon, named "Liuhe snow", certified as Beijing Liuhe snow film culture media Co. users in micro-blog broke the news, Beijing famous folk singer s surname of drug abuse was arrested seized more than and 80 grams of drugs! Around 6 o’clock in the evening, the Beijing News reporter confirmed from authoritative sources, singer Song Dongye suspicion of drug use has been arrested by the police. 14 at noon, Song Dongye, where the brokerage firm to confirm the modern sky Song Dongye suspected marijuana was reviewed, may face administrative penalties, brokerage companies to apologize to the public. Subsequently, Song Dongye side of a lover to explore the whole star broke the news: Song Dongye poison age has been for several years! I met him a few years ago at a music festival, when he was smoking marijuana in front of me, and he urged me to smoke, but I refused. In recent years, we have kept in touch, every time I see him, he will smoke marijuana, or even a few days a good meal ‘, a lot of addiction!" Finally, on the purpose of Song Dongye’s drug, the insider said: he said that in order to have creative inspiration." But for this reason, the insider also said: "the so-called ‘inspiration’, I feel like to say no to drugs."相关的主题文章: