Jay Chou can not say the secret musical Valentine’s day Shanghai innawoods

Jay Chou "secret" musical Valentine’s day to Shanghai "secret" Valentine’s day in Shanghai on the movie "secret" "secret" Sina entertainment news from the Jay Chou movie story, New York Broadway lineup to create a "secret" musical, SAIC will be staged in Shanghai Cultural Square in February 14, 2017. In 2007, Jay Chou’s first original movie "secret" release, made dazzling achievements, until now still was a lively discussion of the youth movie fans. In order to allow the audience to relive the classic drama in the experience of new surprises, the secret can not be said from the debut of Jay Chou’s 16 album, the selection of 25 songs. Each capital is well-known Zhou classic, "sunny" and "nunchakus" etc. are all listed in the table. The Toni prize winner team to help build the Broadway stage, Toni winning director John Rando, the famous American novelist, screenwriter Marc Acito respected dancer Zach Woodlee, the Toni Award for best choreography set Beowulf Boritt to "KINKY BOOTS" won the Toni Award for best sound design of the John Shivers, Routh Simone and producer Marc Genatt as producer. The musical "secret" Shanghai show time: February 14, 2017 (February 14th -2 19 first round) Venue: Shanghai – Shanghai culture square (the first Valentine’s day February 14th 19:15) fare: 88068048038028080 weekdays (19:15) fare: 80060040030020080 weekends (14:00, 19:15) fare: 88068048038028080 (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: