Jinling female 15 minutes 1 million 530 thousand loss the court bank product flaws (video) coscoqd

Jinling female 15 minutes 1 million 530 thousand loss: the court bank product flaws in Lee’s work in a foreign bank looks very ordinary telecommunications fraud stumbled, losses more than 153 yuan. After being cheated, Ms. Lee found that because of the financial products involved in the design of the bank flawed, resulting in the loss of its account. Then Ms. Lee will be involved in the bank to court, requesting the court to order the principal and interest of bank involved in compensation for the loss of fines. A 15 minute turn away more than 153 yuan in January 8, 2016, Lee Shanghai public funds in a large state-owned bank abnormal personal account: 18 01 and 18 03, the account received two of the bank auto loans 300 thousand 18; 05, the account to a payee for the Zan account transfer 662 thousand and 460 yuan; 18 06 points, 07 points, 08 points respectively received three pen auto loans, respectively 300 thousand, 300 thousand, 269 thousand and 700; 18:12, the account to the payee Zan account transfer 869 thousand and 700 yuan again. The second day, Ms. Li found abnormal account, she immediately reported the matter, and freeze the account. Public security organs to fraud investigation, the case is still under investigation. Ms. Lee found that these 5 sums, the banks are issuing loans to their own". Can only have their own personal accounts of the financial products have not yet expired, there is no deposit, he did not apply for a loan to the bank. In February this year, the 5 loans were due, due to Lee did not repay on time, the bank in accordance with the pledge loan contract, the name of her financial products in the open redemption after disposal. As of April 8, 2016, Ms. Lee account after the disposal of financial products after a total repayment of 148 yuan, including 1 million 469 thousand and 700 yuan loan principal and interest and fines of 1 yuan. Moreover, due to Ms. Lee is not overdue loans, but also produced a bad credit record. Claiming that the account is not safe, with the handling of the huge losses suffered in the same time, but also on the credit blacklist, as a foreign bank in the middle of the management of Ms. Lee is very depressed. In negotiations with the bank, she admitted that he had leaked online account and password on the day of the incident. Although not elaborate, Ms. Lee is a general description of the day of the incident. Ms. Lee said that the night of January 7th, and their friends, drink some wine, Second Heaven feel some dizziness confusion. At this time, she suddenly received a phone call, the other said her bank account is not safe, in order to handle the case, she needs to operate in the computer to cooperate with this end. Ordinarily as bank staff for telecommunications fraud in the "security accounts" this kind of trick, Lee should be very vigilant, but that she had to chose to believe the doings of ghosts and gods. Ms. Lee recalled later, the fundamental reason is because not only financial products due their accounts, no deposit balance, so that even if the effect of online banking accounts, passwords, and will also bring direct losses. Under the command of the trickster almost hypnotic, Ms. Lee in a strange way "with the police" operation: open the browser, into a web site, and then transferred to the bank website;相关的主题文章: