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Liu Xingliang, Israel could become the pioneering country? Sohu science and technology at the invitation of the Israeli embassy, as a member of the Sina think tank expert delegation, began a week’s visit to israel. Before coming, little was known about israel. For me, this is a rather mysterious country. Not only was I, the 9 counterparts, it is informed to many countries, but Israel, we are the first to set foot on this land. In addition to security considerations, there may be a reason, that is, it is difficult to hear visa, security yan. Sure enough, when the entry of a buddy was shut in a small house, because he has been to Pakistan this year. I was questioned for about an hour. Although the overall understanding of Israel as a whole, but because of the reasons for the Internet industry in the field of science and technology in Israel still know one or two. Apart from Silicon Valley, Israel is the world’s largest concentration of start-up companies, but also the highest number of venture capital investment per capita. I still remember the introduction of Israel’s book, Chinese translation is "pioneering country". Israel is a small country, a population of only about 8000000, the site is also very small, narrow country to the north and south, from the north to the south, drove only 7 hours, what side of the narrowest place, need only half an hour by bike. Such a small country, how to become a country of entrepreneurship? (Liu Xingliang at the DLD conference site) with this question, these days, I have been looking for the answer. Take part in the innovation investment forum, smart city forum, Tel Aviv DLD Innovation Festival, visited the relevant AR, VR, intelligent wearable device, fast charging battery business, watch the accelerator, also went to Dead Sea, Jerusalem, the ancient city of Jaffa city and other well-known tourist destination…… Finally, in an old man, found the answer. This old man, is known as the "father of Israel" Yossi Vardi. Because he is also the chairman of the meeting, so in a cafe inside the venue, we chatted up. In 1969, at the age of 26, he founded Israel’s first software company, and then he turned to a VC to help young entrepreneurs with his wisdom. According to him, so far, he invested in the company sold 30 (buyers, including Microsoft, YAHOO, eBay and AOL, etc.), turn off the 30, still alive, there are 26 (including the listed companies). From the number of view, he invested in the company is not much, but because he voted early, so the return should be very impressive. Among them, the most famous Yossi Vardi investment case is ICQ. When it comes to ICQ, it is necessary for young readers. This is the world’s first instant messaging tool, now very powerful QQ is copied from the ICQ. QQ is not called QQ at the beginning, but called OICQ, was forced to rename the QQ. Who is forced by? This is the ICQ. Later, ICQ sold to AOL.相关的主题文章: