Men these five actions, so that women want to divorce minutes! 9c8836

Men these five actions, so that women want to divorce minutes! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: marriage teach you a man’s heart began to see no matter how romantic the ultimate purpose is to exchange solemn vows and pledges, cruel fuel, regardless of each other in the eyes of each other before marriage how small the pink of perfection, shortcomings and bad habits will be completely unmasked. No man is perfect, since two people decided to go hand in hand through life, we must accept each other’s flaws. But this does not mean that the unconditional acceptance of each other’s behavior, married men these moves really let the woman in minutes to divorce! 1. Selfish, not distressed people friend A complained to me before marriage, husband feel I was holding in the palm of the princess, married after they found themselves simply he married Maid: free laundry, cooking, cleaning everything she did. Friends want to give him something to do with the husband, such as "Oh, I don’t cook delicious you do it", "I am playing a game, you wash clothes.", "I work too tired, want to rest, you clean up" such words to back. But who is not tired, who do not want to rest? Let the friend’s sad is that if she and her husband said his arm hurt, his husband’s answer is always their own headaches, leg pain, etc., in short, he is not comfortable, no time to take care of his wife! As time goes by, a friend will never tell him where the body is uncomfortable, but the heart is more uncomfortable! Marriage requires two people support each other, you pull me I helped you a person, because I love you. Will you take care of everything in life, but if your selfish, selfish disregard of the other half, sooner or later will love the Polish exhausted. In addition, the woman is more sensitive, more men need warmth. 2. Like to complain, do not make progress, it is said that a good feeling, there will be a woman’s worship of men in the. But if a man only know the day to complain, you grumble, but never to find a solution to the problem, you can have a sense of worship to him? Such a man is actually complaining about, his ability is not enough, but nothing, immersed in the negative and weak world, he can not even take care of, how to care and support the whole family? What’s more, the woman also hope that I can have a shoulder to lean on the problems and difficulties encountered, hope that their roots behind a strong pillar, hoping that her husband can be motivated and pragmatic, expectations for the future of life, how can a nonstriving man let the woman see the future? Is it hard to finish the rest of their grievances, but also to accept the man’s chatter and endless negative energy? In marriage, two people go hand in hand to go more stable farther, let a woman bear all the family’s gravity, she can insist on how long? Marriage is a fortress 3. Often lie in front of you if the marriage is a beautiful castle, the castle is a cornerstone of trust. A woman may be able to accept all the lies, but only the husband can’t tell her相关的主题文章: