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Since the "pilgrimage" preparation before travel – tourism after a Sohu life’s long journey, don’t ask me why university graduates that year have so much courage, because over the years I never lost Sommersby! The way I see a lot of people, a lot of things, I was afraid, are touched, but experienced is good, when you go back to the road, his every step is very clear. When you write PPT, Alaska cod is out of the water, you can see the report, Meili Xue Shan’s golden monkey just climbed up the tree tip. You into the subway, Tibet Eagle hovering clouds, you fight at the meeting, the backpackers who drink wine and sat by the fire. There are a few ways to wear high heels, there are some air spray perfume can not smell, there are some people who will never meet in the office. A poor Tour: only in the student’s or youth distress only a special action. About the dream, he is to have, in case it is realized. Overhead: before leaving cash 2000, do a agricultural bank card, bank note is, because the Sichuan Tibet road is a small town, so almost no other banks, only the agricultural bank. Most of the expenses for travel + accommodation + cost + chartered attractions tickets. Wuhan – Chengdu car seat is about 200. Chengdu – Ya’an passenger bus station about 50 shiyang. MUGECUO tickets cost more than 100, concrete forgotten. Potala Palace 200 tickets (Student ID 100) in the 100 chartered to a person. Chartered to Nam Co 100 a person. Huashan tickets 180 (Student ID card number 90) and other places of attractions tickets, not every listing. Such as the Jokhang Temple, the wild goose pagoda, Xi’an Ming city wall, Kumbum Monastery etc.. The total cost of about 4000 yuan, the Sichuan Tibet Road Town accommodation cheaper (Xinduqiao, Batang, Banda), an average of 25 yuan a bed. A few large local tours of the average 35-40 a bed (Chengdu, Litang, Xining, Xi’an). Traffic: a poor road, traffic mode: Wuhan – Chengdu: Chengdu – Ya’an train seat: bus Ya’an – Lhasa: Lhasa – Nam Co + + foot ride in Lhasa: Chartered – Xining – Xi’an – Wuhan: train seat accommodation: along the way the basic choice place is the youth hostel or family hotel. Chengdu: a dream trip (45). Kangding: Demba Inn (50). (20): Xinduqiao family inn Litang: Fuck (40); High City Inn the world, boss also invited us to drink beer. Batang: Family Inn (20) Mangkam: long chain line (20), to the bargain, the boss was very good. Guesthouse inn: Banda (15): rawu Inn (25): Bomi Inn (25) Linzhi: Lhasa CYTS international 81 40: a few days ago to live more, then live Chengai settles (35). =相关的主题文章: