Professor Song Xiaobao favored secret Wang Sicong airborne Castle

Professor Song Xiaobao "favored" the secret of Wang Sicong castle Song Xiaobao Wang Sicong airborne Sina entertainment news in the last week of "Hello! The goddess "male detective work day, popular idol Chen Xiang [micro-blog] who sits, not only with the goddess together to complete games and outdoor tasks in the castle. "Jia Ling [micro-blog]" said the king Tianyu followed the goddess, goddess and successful in domineering Tiguan castle, opened a "home" to live the life. It is reported that Andy has the high popularity of the "king of comedy" the song [micro-blog] will visit this week as God Goddess and goddess of airborne castle, not only together to complete live interactive will also bring a line of popular players to stay. And has been looking for "national goddess" principal Wang Sicong [micro-blog] for the majority of users, it will also be coming to the castle 10 goddesses send mystery gift. This week, the male god Song Xiaobao with humorous language and exaggerated performance style to win the majority of the audience favorite, called alternative male god. He won for attention and together with Zhao Benshan [micro-blog] sketch "blind date", the line "swallow, you can take a heart" has become a popular language of network. In the "happy comedy man" in the outstanding performance and professionalism has also made him widely recognized as users and stars competing to imitate objects. "Hello! The goddess "as the first domestic national goddess form reality show, the mobile terminal will live and on-demand exquisite combination, using the latest technology to participate in interactive users feel the strongest experience, create value and art and Yan, a new generation of national goddess high EQ and iq. Alternative male god Song Xiaobao and goddesses will perform what kind of wonderful story? President Wang Sicong and the goddess of God will bring what kind of interactive surprise? The mysterious goddess and who will stay? Lock the daily 14:30 to 1:00 am TV live broadcast; every Wednesday night 20:00, video site broadcast Hello! Goddess hot line, more exciting content can not be missed! (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: