Recalling the Sanya 23 year old police colleague grief Xian Jiahui haven’t seen him afraid of danger incubus

Sanya 23 year old police colleagues recall grief Xian Jiahui: dangerous haven’t seen him afraid of police of Sanya Xian Jiahui to save pipeline workers life fixed in 23 years when the police is his dream he had said: "even a small police, can also help a lot of people." In the eyes of colleagues, he is the first work of young people, everything in the first line, and then no fear of danger. Xian Jiahui (Figure provided by the Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau), when he was a child, if you play the police catch the thief, he will choose the police." The afternoon of October 29th, the remains of the Police Association Xian Jiahui held RuGuan ceremony, standing on the side of my cousin Zheng Huihua red eyes, "he said, when the police is his only dream." 28 PM, in the small East China Sea in Sanya on duty Xian Jiahui, heard the cries of a plumber. "Gary quickly, suddenly climbed into the well, grabs Wang Qing’s clothes." With the police on duty Zhou Guanglang not think of, see again when he Xian Ka Fai, blue uniforms have been dyed black, mud blocked his nose. Wang Qing was eventually rescued, but Xian Jiahui finished 23 years of life. "Even a small police, can also help a lot of people." Brother brother Xian domestic still remember said, "I want to be a policeman, and help the masses to fight crime, this is my dream." Southern Metropolis Daily reporter He Li Fan Wen’s last scene he heard the cry for help, regardless of personal danger hand a few days ago, Xian Jiahui and Zhou Guanglang Police Public Security Bureau police station east of the original city of Sanya was transferred to the Luhuitou police station area on duty. Two partner, responsible for the work of the East China sea. 28 PM, not far from the East China Sea, there are no more than two workers working in the pipeline, the sanitation workers are cleaning up the beach sanitation of the two, it seems to be a quiet day. Until 5 p.m.. "Help! Somebody is not going to do it!" The plumber Wu Qingliu leaned out from the wellhead, shouting for help — his colleague Wang Qing into the well after the coma. "At that time was preparing the next 3 meters of sewage wells, Wang Qingxian down, I followed behind. Before he reached the bottom of the well, Wang Qing was suddenly heard shouting! Come on! "" Wu Qingliu looked back and found Wang Qing "up down, I reached out to catch him, but did not catch." Are on duty Xian and Zhou Guanglang, heard the cry for help immediately rushed to the wellhead. Due to the lack of rescue tools, Guanglang weeks immediately to the nearby police station, fire brigade request support. But Mr Ka Fai eager to save down immediately, regardless of personal danger. "At the time that the police took Wang Qing to save the clothes, want to drag, but soon fell on the bottom." Wu Qingliu memories. About 5 minutes later, the police and fire brigade rushed to the scene to support the rescue of the two. Wang Qingxian has come to the rescue, but Xian Jiahui has died, died. Colleagues in the eyes of the danger, he did not see the fear of his usual work is very positive, there is nothing to take the initiative in the front, not afraid." Police week Guanglang sat there, still can not believe that left Fai xian. Mention Xian Ka Fai, the 32 year old "old" police eyes suddenly wet. "He’s just.相关的主题文章: