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  calls for market regulation; differentiated credit and tax policies, real estate — original title: market regulation for differentiated credit and tax policies this year, mortgage growth, the most expensive land has become the most frequent words appear in the property market, in addition to constantly refresh record in addition to bring a sound of sighs, is also expected to raise prices upward. In the face of rising prices, the recent introduction of the property market has been more than the purchase of the policy to curb the overheated real estate market development. If the introduction of the policy can not change the market expectations, even if the increase in supply can not stop prices continue to rise." The industry believes that the immediate cause of the current round of price increases is the loose real estate policy, leading to various funds into the real estate field. For example, interest rates and down payment ratio, so that the property market has become a speculative market speculation. A large number of credit, direct help up prices. Data show that the interim results of the 18 listed banks, the real estate pulled mortgage growth has become a powerful engine of bank performance. Among them, China, agriculture, industry, construction, to pay the size of the five state-owned large banks have been disclosed in the semi annual report of the bank, accounting for the largest share. According to the five major state-owned banks report shows that the end of the month of the total balance of up to 8 trillion and 720 billion yuan of housing loans to $6. Among them, China Construction Bank is still the largest bank loans, as of the end of 6, CCB balance of 3 trillion and 210 billion yuan loans. The central bank had released data show that the first 7 months of this year released a mortgage of $2 trillion and 800 billion, refresh the historical record, the 2009 annual personal mortgage loans of 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan. High housing prices under the high increase, which means that the increase in mortgage leverage, indicating that banks are still regarded as high-quality credit loans. The bank’s confidence is based on the expectation that house prices will continue to rise or at least remain stable. The industry believes that the purchase of the previous year to take effect, the purchase of the policy are the basic administrative means and will not ease the pressure on housing prices, will only make the transfer prices higher, and severe differentiated credit and tax policies to curb housing prices is the most powerful tools. "To house the return of the housing nature, reduce the financial property of real estate, vigorously develop the multi-level capital market needs, to the residents to provide a large number of high-quality investment products, will reduce the real estate financial property." The above person said. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: