[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 16313rd recommended summary restorator

[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 16313rd recommended summary [report] Chinese lottery arrangement 0 – 9 distribution of three comprehensive review analysis: a group of selected figure, number of weight distribution in medium area, of which 4 yards out weight code, 6 yards out of solitary code. The form is a double arc, then the next promising small area become hot, mainly waiting for adjacent code out of 3, 5, 0 yards out alone. From the date the trend of vicinal lone biography at the last out of a double solitary, consider a combination of the two adjacent solitary, five code combination recommendation 01357. A chart analysis: 100 recent fall in the medium, the next value of large amplitude movements, optimistic about the 0 Road area opened, ten 0** Danma recommended location; the fall in the medium, the next trend of small amplitude, optimistic about the 2 Road opened, recommended a *5* Danma location; the main falls in the medium area, the focus of small amplitude trend. About 1 road number out, next to recommend positioning Danma **3. Analysis of heat and cold, due to the recent odd number out of less, so optimistic about the two period odd even out, small duplex recommended "I + + odd odd"; 012 number the 1 road opened 4, 2 Road 0 road opened, out of 6. The next cycle of open a 0 more likely to consider a proposal form 2 Road, two road 0; the recent large number of elections out of fear will be more small periodic point, small duplex recommended "small + +"; 03, 05, 35 and two yards respectively for the 24 period, combination of omission 33 and 15. If the recent thaw, the probability of the first two to open a high rate of 05, considering the 05 yards with 1, 3, 7 out of a selection of the number of the 3 injection group. Due to the recent opening of group three out of 994, 110, 141, 221, 232, 828, 004, 733, 225, 664, the latter still beware of group. And the value and the value of the period and span analysis: in the high value region of 16 points out, the possibility of decreased with small amplitude is larger, can focus on 13 points out. But will be more optimistic about the near 8 points, to 3, 5, 8 points out the trend is most obvious; span, the open cross out odd more optimistic about the next 4, 6, 7 – as the focus. Reference number: 053, 017, 057, 153, 173, 157, 753, 050. (betting old man) [Chinese lottery report] direct supermarket Dong Xu elections ten odd pick up 100 6 end up on the trend of the situation, and even open 2 and showed a warming trend, whereas before number distribution in large numbers, expected short-term decimal area will be slightly stronger and even optimistic about space. Reference: 2, 4, 50, and even more recently appeared even open situation in different degree, with the overall trend upward in late may pay attention to the odd thawing rebound, short-term impact value of large number area. Reference: 5, 7, 9 a period of 4 to 1, even open 3 achieve short-term maximum, also before 0 also fired 3 period, thus determine the later period when concerned about the 2 thawed and strong. Reference: 8, 5, 2 bile: 6相关的主题文章: