Students suffering from mental illness sued the school and teacher claims 200 thousand yuan (video) vidalia

Students suffering from mental illness sued the school and teacher claims 200 thousand yuan newspaper news (chief reporter Zhang Zhijie correspondent Geng Lei) reporter was informed that in November 2nd, the New District Court accepted the day before students suffering from mental illness, education institutions liability disputes sued the school and the teacher’s patience, after the judge repeatedly communication mediation, the parties reached a settlement agreement finally. Zhang is a college student, while suffering from schizophrenia, then a teacher and school to the New District Court prosecution. The Zhang said, the teacher had asked him to give other students tutoring, after being refused, the teacher often leads to their own sarcasm, excessive pressure of mental illness. Zhang asked the school and the teacher compensation 200 thousand yuan. The other said Zhang’s mental illness and the school and the teacher did not cause and effect, the teacher did not have any harm to the sarcastic behavior. Due to the great differences between the two sides, a strong confrontation, in the course of consultation before the issue of compensation, the situation appears to be out of control situation, had to be temporarily subsided by way of alarm. Zhang family emotion, the school’s teaching order can not be maintained, the two sides do not accept the mediation program proposed by the other party. Court after hearing, according to the facts found in the trial, the case if the preliminary judgment can not be resolved after the trial will still exist contradictions hidden trouble and could erupt at any time, so to increase the mediation efforts of the collegial panel on both sides of the court. Through field visits to the parties, and repeated interpretation of reasoning, the two sides finally in the court presided over by the mediation agreement by the defendant to pay the plaintiff 1 yuan of economic help gold (only for treatment of mental illness, the plaintiff) after the two sides no dispute. Through the judge’s efforts, the two sides finally shook hands and. Note: video only for extended reading. Students because of the teacher with the outbreak of the conflict, the teacher in private to solve this".相关的主题文章: