Taiyuan Jinyang Street Park opened in 8 days to more than 80 thousand seaway

Taiyuan Jinyang Street Park opened in 8 days to more than 80 thousand of the most popular children’s activity area a piece of green grass The grass is green and luxuriant., exudes the fragrance; Yi Keke trees scattered on the lake, made a beautiful picture…… In September 30th, Jinyang Street Park yingbin. The park north Jinyang street, South Street adjacent road planning remembrance, that is, comprehensive park based on the flood relief function of the natural ecological and leisure city. The park area is more than 12 square meters, and the size of the park. It can be said that the completion of the park, to make up for the area of the park without the status quo, to improve the surrounding ecological environment, improve the quality of life of the surrounding residents have an important role. As of October 7th, reporters at the time, the park official said, just a few days the park has received 8 tourists million. What are the characteristics of the park to attract many visitors? In October 6th, reporters feel the unique landscape park in the new park. The New South Park is the flood relief "heavy" lake, landscape, trees, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers…… 6 morning, the reporter drove to Jinyang Street Park, first entered the park is the feeling of returning to nature. "For those of us old people, retired a little empty in the heart, together with their peers to take a walk in the park, chat very happy, if there is no such a place nearby, really do not know where to go every day." I heard the news after the park opened, in October 5th before returning to Taiyuan Uncle Xu, also did not have a good rest, the second day early in the morning came to the Jinyang Street Park, can’t wait to see the door of the park. "My family lived in the Invalides north, previous to fitness also can not find a suitable place, well, just across the way home and park every day here, the Tai Chi group." Speaking of it, he laughed like a child. According to the relevant person in charge of the park, compared to other parks, Jinyang Street Park has a special place, is a "heavy flood relief". "This park is adjacent to the Xu Tan municipal sewage outfall, positioning is a function with the flood relief comprehensive park, that is to say, if 50 years or even hundred years of flood, the park will shoulder the ease of flood discharge ‘responsibility’, so as to avoid the surrounding city facilities were flooded." The responsible person said, in the city of Taiyuan, in addition to Jinyang street outside the park, the park, the existing University Park is also with the flood relief function park. In addition, the park has a rainwater recovery system, reflecting the popular sponge city concept. Lying at ease and to collect rainwater for rainwater reasonable persistence, reuse, and landscape treatment and utilization of wetland plants, this design has become a major highlight of the park, and the effective use of water resources. The park is divided into 3 regions using barrier free design reporters found that the park in accordance with the flood dam naturally divided into North, central and southern regions of the 3. Among them, the northern region west of the Shanxi University of Finance and Economics library, designed for viewing the lake for the park scenic area, the main scenic design content revolves around the lake, the lake is stratified design platform, the design of waterscape Plaza South Rainbow相关的主题文章: