The alleged plagiarism of domestic console Nintendo switch cited Japanese hot friends

The alleged plagiarism of domestic console? Nintendo Switch Japan hot friends a new generation of Nintendo Switch host on sale at the beginning, it was discovered that the alleged plagiarism of domestic handheld love Kun Morphus X300. Although the prototype is not officially on sale, it has yet to be confirmed, but the network caused a great disturbance in japan. Japanese friends every time it comes to this plagiarism incident is not so calm, look at how they say. Morphus X300 recently it once again become a hot topic of discussion on the version in Japan, Japanese media reported the love Kun on the event’s leadership position, he said, Nintendo used the same design very happy, and will continue to lead the development of the hardware in the game at the same time attention to the issue of infringement. For a long time many Japanese netizens impression of China is plagiarism, so the speech poke superiority overwhelmed in their opinion on the Nintendo G-spot, overwhelming negative. Plagiarism Paradise (308 praise, step on the 54), ah, to tell the truth even more like (X300) this (like the 113, the 9 step) was said by the Chinese words…… Nintendo ethane (156 praise, step on the 2) really ashamed, often accused of plagiarism in China, but was accused of plagiarism on the other side of the day there are other companies do?" (like 144 and 1 step) game player still put all Nintendo suspected plagiarism records turned out, Nintendo had conducted many patent litigation, so the black spots left people also really many. But whether plagiarism or not, the domestic X300 is only part of the tablet PC, the law should be difficult to dispute with Nintendo. But if Nintendo can not fail to give a good answer to this question, presumably its corporate image will be damaged a lot of it. Figure Nintendo Switch:Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch comparison Nintendo Switch Morphus X300:Morphus X300 Morphus X300 Morphus X300 (source: swim fast network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: