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The big coffee gathered in Guizhou TV favorite Chinese ancient poetry chanting – Sohu entertainment mid autumn evening scene poems wonderful show entertainment Sohu " Ming at the beginning of the month as 2016 – Mid Autumn poetry school hole " 21:20 will be on the night of September 15th in Guizhou satellite TV broadcast, the famous cultural scholar Yu Dan, reciting the performing artist Xu Tao, before the famous CCTV host Jing Yidan, playing flute, zither Master Zhang Wei Liang Chang Jing and other domestic dozens of artists will be on the same stage, the ancient and the moon and the Mid Autumn Festival on the first ten poetry masterpiece by reading, singing, opera performances and other art forms, bring a visual feast for the national television audience. The big coffee beauty by joining interpretation of ancient poetry, Jing Yidan Yu Dan portrait vocals of two artists, more "" Prince "Zhang Jun, known as the" China flute king "Dixiaoxun virtuoso Zhang Weiliang, reciting performing artist Xu Tao, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony of Guzheng guzheng, guzheng virtuoso Qiu Ji Chang Jing, Prince Zhang Jun, Nguyen opera performer Feng Mantian, performance artist Wen Yujuan, dubbing artist on the tip of the tongue" Chinese "commentary Li Lihong, coloratura soprano, Beijing Olympic Games Theme Song" you and me "Chen Xiaoduo, ten Chinese singing soprano Ke Lvwa, Peking Opera artist, Shanghai Magnolia drama award award best actress award Ling Ke, Yan Yuancaolei, winner of France pianist Xiao Ying, American violinist Tang Yun, ten – Chinese Pipa virtuoso Ma Lin gathered in the "Ming at the beginning of the month as people, 2016 hole school ancient poetry will be the mid autumn festival". All the famous effort to help out jointly created mid autumn poetry meaningful, clear, elegant and carefree heroic. The Mid Autumn Festival will uphold the classical poetry China of freehand style concise and rich connotation, elegant and gentle, full of flavor. The famous recollections of the crowd cited mid autumn poetry will be divided into " a round moon, " " ", eight thousand miles; " moonlight in a fishing boat, " " long Jinzun in the moonlight " four chapters, each chapter with specially composed music by introduction, elegant gentle, full of flavor. In the poetry of the meeting, and with the moon and the mid autumn festival about ten poetry works, through reading, singing, opera, Peking Opera, Yunbai in Western instrumental music and other art forms to show up, including the famous for having heard it many times, "drinking alone under the moon" "Yu – chunhuaqiuyue when", "Red River", "spring spend the night", "Prelude To Water Melody – the moon will have" and "cursive" etc.. Yu Dan said that the ancient Chinese poetry is a way of expression, a habit of thinking, is the spirit of the local people. The moon is an important image of Chinese poetry, it is a reflection of the Chinese nation’s thinking of life and people’s expectations. It is reported that the Mid Autumn Festival poetry sponsored by the CPC Guizhou provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Guizhou radio and television co host, the program will be on the evening of September 15th 21:20 in Guizhou TV broadcast. Guizhou satellite TV with thousands of viewers with beautiful poetry as a bridge of mind,.相关的主题文章: