Toilet block how to do The most simple trick

Toilet block how to do? The most simple trick?? how do the toilet is blocked, the problem often met in our daily life, can not use the toilet is a very depressing thing, a serious impact on our daily life, this happened many people tend to immediately turn to professional dredge company, in fact, if not very big the problem, we can use the skills to solve small toilet clogged, the following small sums up some toilet is clogged do dredge coup, hoping to help you. ?? A, how to do the toilet is blocked, the most simple trick?? with the plunger fierce Chuai several times, there is a "Guan Daotong" sold in supermarkets is very useful, it is about 10 yuan, with a half a month, will not be blocked?? two, how do the toilet is blocked. Block how to solve?? try a long, hard but not very soft, soft tube inserted in the side to side, pass water, water do not drive too large, so as not to splash out, until then, flush, I tried the effect of good. ?? Three, how do the toilet is clogged, spoof weapon?? if it is because the paper objects can be decomposed easily blocked, pour boiling water, soften the object in the blocked sewer pipes, but don’t be too eager to soak for a while, etc., the blockage softening loose bubble, see sewage and then slowly drained away. A bucket of water will be. ?? You to buy some fish loach fish, live, poured into the toilet, a good, secret recipe, generally I do not tell him!?? Four, a toilet block how to do, how to clear?? 1, the use of cloth is a toilet? Can a? A hose connected tap water another head wrap cloth inserted into a sewer pipe. Turn on the tap. The principle is: the pressure of tap water is about 4Mpa can open your home sewers. Remember not to let the two Water Leakage hose to maintain pressure, the highest?? 2, the use of beverage bottle dredge?? buy a bottle of cola to drink and then put back the first coke bottle bottom cut cut off after turned it upside down in the toilet with a hand on the bottom to smoke a few. ? 3, Tong Ling dredge? In the supermarket to buy a bottle of Tong Ling, which is corrosive, need to be careful, first into the hot water in the squat toilet inside, and then into the liquid, the amount of imports need to see the instructions. The last half an hour after the use of the method of 1 of the toilet tool to use the tiger skin. ?? 4, professional master to clear?? if various articles about dredging methods are tried, or can not find the toilet is blocked, this time you can call the professional master to clear if they do not understand, avoid let the toilet more blocking, when the solution will be more trouble. Summary: the above is about the toilet blocked how to do the recommendations and tricks are usually easy to do in daily life, I hope you take the appropriate measures according to the specific circumstances. In addition, to avoid the toilet again blocked in the days after using the toilet, hard, large objects do not down the toilet.相关的主题文章: