Trump the three president how will the treatment in the United States

Trump the "three president" will be how to manage the American Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, and finally to plot the ups and downs of the 2016 presidential election ended. From real estate to capture the White House, Trump created the United States history, he is the first one does not hold any office, nor in the army have some official appointment who became the president of the United states. It is because there is no political experience, is a "Washington outsider", unlike traditional politicians by interest groups kidnapped attention of America’s interests, Trump’s supporters looking forward to them, for he’s United States "great again"; the opponents regard Trump as a "disaster", will lead the United States "". In domestic policy, Trump will have three priorities. First, its economic policies will follow the Reagan era, through tax cuts to increase employment, etc.. In September, Trump had announced tax cuts a total of $4 trillion and 400 billion, including tax cuts, trade negotiations to take a tough stance and federal spending cuts, tax cuts for businesses and intends to develop plans for ruling within one hundred days, to stimulate the economy. At the same time, in Trump’s view, the trade agreement is detrimental to the interests of the United States, he clearly opposed the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, and has said or will withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, etc.. Two is to reform the immigration system, the main content is to expel illegal immigrants. Trump said that illegal immigrants take up a lot of resources in the United States, and to the United States have a lot of negative impact on society and the economy, he will not give illegal immigrants any way to obtain legal status. And plans to be within two years of mass evictions and illegal immigrants into the pressure to automatically leave, to solve the problem of illegal immigrants in the United States 11 million. But immigration reform is a tough sell, Trump can achieve the reform of American immigration system in a large extent, is still unknown. Three is the construction of the Mexican border wall. The Trump campaign about building walls in the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigrants that won a lot of support for the. Although many analysts believe that Trump has lost some of the votes of his remarks, but he has never softened the tough stance on illegal immigrants. U.S. media analysts said that this (Trump’s statement on the construction of the border wall) makes him in addition to honor the campaign promises almost no choice. However, according to independent analysts predict that the wall will cost up to $25 billion, at least 4 years to complete, financing is a core problem. So, in reality the most predictable situation is that Trump will be small, on the Mexican border wall existing symbolic expansion. Trump pursues basic realism, he advocates strength, value interests, stressed that "everything can be traded". Its foreign policy is tough but does not advocate that the United States over interfere in other countries, emphasizing the relationship between the United States and its allies, but more emphasis on shared responsibility, China and Russia as opponents but willing to negotiate a compromise. Trump in the early days of the United States or to promote further contraction of diplomatic strategy, but after a period of adjustment or will return to the mainstream of U.S. diplomatic strategy. Analysis of its policy during the campaign and related comments, etc., Trump’s foreign policy or the following相关的主题文章: