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Yangcheng Lake crab has listed open lake false anti-counterfeiting fastener net sales lowest 0.15 yuan each in the aquatic product market with anti-counterfeiting buckle everywhere open lake Yangcheng Lake Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have been listed on the false ring buckle security net sales lowest 0.15 yuan each "Li Gui" for more than reproduction bath crab although from the September 23rd Lake Yangcheng Lake crab point the day and await for it, but the market has already appeared "Li Gui". The Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs visibility and high price, the other lake crab also along the top of the tree, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently visited found that Taihu, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Jiangsu area lake crab, crab pond has been carrying the false anti-counterfeiting ring, "plum ghost" to join the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in the camp. The market did not open lake Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have been suspicious of net sales of public Zhang ready to enjoy on the Internet to buy crabs and family, in the Taobao online, he selected 10 boxes of 296 yuan with the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Before the next single, Mr. Zhang left a heart to online search a bit to find this year Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association released the catch in time for the September 23rd. "Now on the Internet in the end where is the crab? I put the question to the store at the time, the store may feel to meet people understand, take the initiative to say No. 23 lake is the official activities only, in order to catch the Mid Autumn Festival, has been ahead of the fishing." Mr. Zhang said, the store said the sale is whether the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, with anti fake stores buckle, said: "last year’s ring. This new ring to open lake, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association to send." BYD reporters yesterday also asked about the number of sales of Taobao Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs shop, some customer service said there is Yangcheng Lake Lake, is a pre-sale. But there is also a crab store customer service said: "spot crabs belong to the June yellow, that is to say the female crab yellow is not full, if you want to eat authentic Yangcheng Lake crabs, to No. 23 before delivery." Aquaculture market ring of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs more willing to go to the store, everywhere really more consumers buy crabs when yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of West Road Chaoyang District a seafood wholesale market entrance, an old lady is careful with cord whole bunch of green and white, she will use the rope crab cut after grouping this scene, also means that many stores selling crabs will usher in the peak. The market stalls selling crabs are about 20, almost every family in selling crabs, according to the head size, the cheapest crabs every 10 yuan, only 2.8 of 21 crabs priced at 35 yuan, a large amount of discount to 30 yuan. The more garish, here in the sale of 70% crabs with anti-counterfeiting fastener. See a buyer, the sales staff quickly gather together to introduce: "you are to send people or eat? If you eat it, you do not have a security buckle. Is the last remaining anti-counterfeiting fastener, the above telephone consultation has been able to get through, but you can search the Internet, absolutely genuine goods at a fair price." BYD reporter carefully distinguish found that these anti-counterfeiting buckle style is, some of the side draw the green GIS map, on the other side of the plastic white reads "Yangcheng Lake", "Yangcheng island", there are some security button with a two-dimensional code is more.相关的主题文章: